A easy-to-use block protection plugin. Players can lock chests, furnaces and much more.




  • Protect chests, furnaces, shulker boxes etc.
  • The plugin stores all data inside the blocks themselves, therefore doesn't need any backing database.
  • Players can add friends to individual blocks that they can then access.
  • Full redstone protection, if the player enables it in the block's GUI.
  • All protections are saved as UUIDs.
  • Players can configure their blocks with an easy to use GUI.
  • OP Users and players with the blockprot.admin permission can remove chests and manage them.  
  • Full compatibility with WorldGuard, Towny and PlaceholderAPI!



Permissions are a Bukkit feature, not a feature of this plugin. Please use a permission managing plugin to configure these. - blockprot.lock: Allows players to lock blocks and access them. - Allows players to see the owner and friends of a locked block. - blockprot.admin: Allows players to unlock blocks that they do not own - blockprot.bypass: Allows players to bypass any protections, but doesn't allow them to edit blocks.


If you know a language that isn't supported by this plugin (yet) we'd love if you could translate for us!

You can do so easily by going to gitlocalize.


Please do not use reviews or my profile for support, instead use you can file an issue over at GitHub. If you require more support or want to ask questions, please use the Discord server for chatting.


Once in game, crouch and right click a lockable block with an empty hand and you will see the GUI to lock/unlock blocks. For this to work properly, give the default player group the blockprot.lock permission. By default the block gets locked upon placing it., though one can disable this for themselves with the command /blockprot settings. All settings in that command are per-player. To give yourself the permissions listed above, use Bukkit's permission.yml file or see to some permission management plugin.

This plugin requires at least Spigot. CraftBukkit is not supported and shouldn't be used for non-development purposes anyway.


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