Glide into 1-hight-blocks of air


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What is BlockGlider?

With BlockGlider you can glide in 1 block hight air.


Why not the name BlockGlitcher?

BlockGlider use a Elytra to get the right hight that your eyes at your boots.


Do i need a elytra?

No.  When you type "/glide" you got for 0,1 sec a elytra. If you have a chestplate you will get them back after 0,1 sec.

How to use:

  1. Search a block where you want to glide in (The block above the block where you want to glide in cant be a solid block. If its its a solid block, its not working).
  2. stay on a solid block. Not in the air and not on (example) slabs.
  3. Look to the block in which you want to glide.
  4. Type "/glide"

Command:            Premission:

  • /glide                blockglider.glide

Last words:

  • If you find bugs please report them.
  • I use a class who get your direction and give you as output (example) EAST or NORTHWEST. If youre interested for that class you can write me.
  • I allow decompiling the plugin.


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