BlockDoor - the block control plugin:

This is a complete rewrite of the BlockDoor plugin originally created by ho0ber for Hey0 server mod. The basic jest of the plugin is to allow players to define and toggle regions made out of the blocks a player places. This idea allows for all sorts of creative ideas and has nearly unlimited possibilities for a creative player. For instance, a player could build an automated and animated door to a small town. While another player could build a complex animated windmill or even just a simple trap door. Many of the ideas one can come up with using this plugin would be fantastic for Adventure servers. The creative possibilities really are truly endless.


  • Player created toggle-able regions made from blocks of your choosing in any shape or size
  • An admin editable item database
  • Many different ways to trigger regions: Clicking triggers, redstone, and different detection zones
  • Mapping of as many triggers and zones as you please to any number of regions you create
  • Multiworld safe
  • Permissions support with GroupManager 1.0 a5, permissions that GroupManager emulates, bPermissions, PermissionsEx, Vault Perms or Bukkit permissions.
  • Permissions plugin is not a requirement. If no permissions available plugin defaults to Server OPs mode.


Tutorial & Idea Videos

Permissions Info


DETAILED README (Contains anything not explained on the above pages.)


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