Block Paint


This plugin allows you to "paint" with blocks. When you place a block, rather than placing it on top of the block you're looking at, it replaces the block you're looking at.


  • /paint - blockpaint.paint - Toggles paintmode. While in paint-mode, you can:
    • Left click on a block to copy it into your hand.
    • Right click on a block to replace it with the block in your hand.


After you run the server with the BlockPaint.jar file in the plugins folder for the first time, a config file is automagically generated. Here's a list of the properties, and what they do:

  • permissions - The permissions system to use
    • permissions3 - Permissions 3
    • bukkit - Bukkit default permissions
    • op - Anyone with OP can use all the commands

What can I use this for?

This plugin has many practical uses.

  • Making floor designs.
  • Creating pathways and/or trimming
  • Changing blockart colors quickly.
  • GREIFING!1!11 (just kidding...)


  • v1.1
    • Fixed permissions
      • Added support for permissions 3, bukkit permissions, and just plain op (set in the config file).
    • Fixed bug with copying block to hand (left click)
  • v1.0
    • Added /paint command


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