Block Economy

== Block Economy ==

What it is:

A lightweight plugin that allows a player to earn money by mining, digging, and otherwise being destructive in the world. It does NOT Pay out on player-placed-blocks - so no farming your own builds.

Why not just use a job plugin?

Some servers don't want to use the entire job system, but want to bolster their economy without flooding the market - Block Economy allows that.

Does it work with <xx> Economy plugin?

If your money plugin is compatible with Vault, it should work with no issues. If it does not, please contact me here via PM so we can get it fixed.

How does it work?

BE uses a config.yml file to track if it is supposed to pay out on a block or not - the first time you load the plugin, it will automatically generate the config file and provide you with an example using block 0 (since you can't break air ...)

The config:

  debug: false
  announce: false
  defaultPrice: 5
  allowMCMMO: false
    override: 5 // Ignore Muplier/Default - This is the reward
    multiplier: 1 //How much * defaultPrice per Block - Use one OR the other. 
    chance: 50 // Percentage chance to get the reward for breaking the block

Note Regarding Block ID This plugin takes into consideration data values: ie: 17:2 (Spruce Wood) is a different value than 17:0 (Oak wood).

  • Debug: Turns on and Off debug mode - with debug mode on, many messages will spam the console when things involving hte plugin occur - recommended you leave this off unless you're developing on it.
  • Announce: Tell the player they earned money - Recommended to also remain off, unless your payouts are very rare.
  • defaultPrice: The default amount a block gives, changed by the modifier (defined in each block)
  • allowMCMMO: CURRENTLY DOES NOT WORK Will disable payouts if a player is using Mcmmo abilities such as SuperBreaker or GigaDrill.

When adding a block, add a modifier OR an override - not both. Override pays out that amount, period. Modifier will change the default amount - ie: defaultPrice is 5, modifier is 10 for obsidian, it will give 5 * 10 for breaking an obsidian block.

Setting, Adding or Changing Data

Prior to 2.3, all changes had to be made in the config. As of 2.3, Online commands have been added to allow editing without a reload.

  • /blecon add 12:1 <- Will add 'Red Sand' to the database with values of 0
  • /blecon set 12:1 override 0.50 <- Sets the payout to 0.50$ per block broken
  • /blecon set 12:1 chance 10 <- Makes the payout only occur 10% of the time

The config will automatically save on each change - Alternately, you can still edit offline, and issue a "/blecon reload" to add the changes to game!

Example Configuration

hdgraming has provided an example configuration - this includes all blocks currently found within Minecraft! Of course, you will want to sift through it yourself and adjust things as needed, but it's a great place to start!

Example Configuration



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