BetonQuest v1.5


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    Dec 21, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8
  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2
  • CB 1.7.2-R0.3


BetonQuest v1.5


  • Added support for MythicMobs and Vault (see wiki for more info)
  • AutoUpdater is now enabled by default! If you want you can change this and reload the plugin, nothing will be downloaded in that case
  • Books saving format has changed. All books will be automatically converted, but you need to check them if everything looks like it's supposed to.
  • Command event accepts multiple commands separated by "|", eg. "command say beton|say quest"
  • Event command now accepts optional <name> argument at the end; this will fire event for <name> player. eg. "/q event wood_reward Steve"
  • Journal title and lore can now use colors (&4 etc.) and journal is colorful; options are in config.yml
  • Added aliases for /q command: bq, bquest, bquests, betonquest, betonquests, quest, quests
  • Added aliases for /j command: bj, journal, bjournal, betonjournal
  • Objectives are now defined directly in event instruction, not in objectives.yml (which will be deleted, if you'll want to restore something check the backup)
  • Replies in conversations are now optionally clickable (tellraw option in config.yml)
  • Added permission for starting a conversation: betonquest.conversation
  • Conversation starting/ending, updating journal, plugin's update and full inventory can now make sounds; you can find a list of possible values here
  • Conditions for events are now defined as 'event_conditions:' instead of simply 'conditions:'. This is to distinguish conditions for objectives and for events, as both of them can exist in one instruction
  • Updater is now run when disabling the plugin (it does matter if your server restarts every night)

- All Objective events will be converted to new format. The objectives.yml file will be deleted, so if it contains any objectives that weren't covered by an event they may seem lost. However there will be a backup file and you can easily extract everything from it. Please refer to the wiki to learn how objectives are now defined or just study converted ones (it's pretty straightforward).
- AutoUpdater is now enabled by default. Every future update will be working exactly like before, all changes will be automaticly updated by a converter, there is always a backup and you are informed about all changes in this file. So it's pretty safe to say that keeping this plugin up to date won't give you any trouble. If you don't want to have latest fixex and features you can disable updating but this will make me sad.
- Because of changes in how books behave since 1.8 you may experience some strange bugs with saving books to items.yml. Generally you should open a book before saving it using /q item command. And don't start or end your books with " character, as it's part of a workaround of this bug/feature.

  • If you're using tellraw option then the rest of answers that exceed one line's length will be white.
  • "stop:" option in conversation doesn't work - it's hardcoded to true (stupid mistake)
  • Typing random text in conversations throws NPE; you can fix it by adding "unknown: false" line to sounds branch in config.yml