BetonQuest v1.9


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    Apr 3, 2017
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.11
  • 1.10
  • 1.9


BetonQuest v1.9


This version breaks compatibility with plugins hooking into BetonQuest. I’m sorry for that. Ask devs to update these plugins.

The error reporting feature was improved. If you see a lot of error messages when reloading the plugin (not stack traces, just regular, human-readable messages), it’s probably because there are real problems in your quests.

BetonQuest won’t accept .yml extensions at the end of conversation names in main.yml. If your conversations aren’t working (the plugin says they don’t exist), check if you have these extensions in the main.yml file and remove them.


  • action objective now detects fire interaction
  • empty condition now skips armor and off-hand slots
  • Items can be used cross-package
  • New sound names are now used by default
  • Fixed doubled quest items when dropping them is blocked by another plugin
  • Lore and name now appear on heads and written books with custom data
  • Fix error when trying to add air (empty hand) with /q item command
  • Main page now can exceed a single page in the journal
  • The plugin will reconnect to the database if something goes wrong
  • Fishing objective now only accepts stuff from water
  • Properties in mobkill objective (left and amount) has switched places


  • Complete rewrite of item conditioning - read the docs to discover new features (previous syntax is still working without any behavior changes)
  • Books in items.yml now automatically wrap pages, like the journal and main page
  • Main page and entries in the journal can manually split pages with | character
  • New lines in conversations can be made with \n
  • Interval in delay objective is now configurable
  • craft and potion objectives now use items defined in items.yml file
  • Potion items are now defined with type: argument instead of data value
  • You can now use spaces between first options in conversations
  • Static events can now be fired with /q event - eventID command
  • Locations can have vectors defined directly in instruction strings
  • Locations can be variables which resolve to location format
  • Point condition can now check exact point amount with equal argument
  • In chest conversation IO items can be specified with durability values after a colon
  • Mobs spawned with spawn event can have armor, items in hands and custom drops
  • Unbreakability of quest items can be disabled (if you want to use unbreakable tag instead)
  • Ranges in locations are now a separate argument (10;20;30;world;4 is now 10;20;30;world 4)
  • main.yml is now the only required file in the package. Empty files can be deleted
  • Custom settings (i.e. EffectLib particle effects) are moved from main.yml to custom.yml


  • Compatibility with Shopkeepers (shopkeeper event, shopamount condition)
  • Compatibility with PlaceholderAPI (ph variable and betonquest placeholder)
  • Compatibility with HolographicDisplays (holograms visible based on conditions)
  • Compatibility with RacesAndClasses (race, class, exp, level, mana conditions/events/variables)
  • Compatibility with LegendQuest (race, class, attribute, karma conditions/variables)
  • Compatibility with WorldEdit (paste a schematic event)
  • New condition riding - check if the player is riding an entity
  • New condition world - check the world in which the player is
  • New condition gamemode - check player’s game mode
  • New condition achievement - check if the player has an achievement
  • New condition variable - check if a variable matches a pattern
  • New event lever - switches a lever
  • New event door - opens/closes doors, trapdoors and gates
  • New event if - run one of two events, depending on condition
  • New event movenpc - move Citizens NPC to a location
  • New event variable - set a variable in variable objective
  • New objective vehicle - entering a vehicle entity
  • New objective variable - lets players define their own variables for you to use
  • New objective kill - kill players who meet specified conditions
  • New objective breed - breed animals (only 1.10.2+)
  • New variable %location% - resolves to player’s location
  • Keyword unbreakable can be used in items to make them unbreakable
  • When a conversation option is selected, a Bukkit event is called (for developers)
  • Chat can be paused while in conversation, it will display when finished
  • Objectives can be completed for players with /q objective player complete
  • Option full_main_page controls if the main page is a separate page in the journal
  • Mobs spawned with spawn can be marked; you can require marked mobs in mobkill objective
  • Firework support in items
  • Relative package paths, where _ means one package up