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Hey Bukkit, This is my first Plugin I ever created. I'm in a Semi-College for coding and this is one of my projects.

This Plugin makes it when a Player Dies, That player turns to a ghost. While being a ghost, you are invisible to live players. But, Cannot Break/Place Block, Cannot pickup items, and cannot hurt other monsters/players (ghosts also cant be hurt). To regain your life, A friend or another player must revive you, Simply puting a [Gold Block Or Iron Block] down and a sign saying: "revive" on the first line. and the "dead players name" on the second line.


Latest Versions:

Latest Version: 2.0 [1.2.5 R1] DOWNLOAD SMP_Hardcore

How To Install:

Download And Add SpoutPlugin To The Server
Download SMP_Hardcore Plugin (above)
Place SMP_Hardcore.jar into /plugins
Start the Server and have Fun!


A Fun Way To Die!
Ghost Like Feature For Dead Players
Ghosts Invisible To Live Players
Chat System For Dead Players
Teleport Command For Ghosts (/Haunt Playername)


In The Config.yml of SMP_Hardcore, You Will Find Theses

This Is The Main Settings For The Plugin, Enable/Disable Things You Dont Want.

# Main Settings
Enable_Plugin: true
Ghost_Mode_Enabled: true
Can_Ghost_Talk: true
Enable_Secondary_Revive: false
Live_Players_See_Ghosts: false
Enable_Haunt_Command: true
Enable_Pre_Rez: false
Ghost_Smoke: false

These Are Settings For What King Of Block Can Revive A Player

#Primary Block To Revive, GOLD By Default
Primary_Block: 41
#Secondary Block To Revive, IRON By Default
Secondary_Block: 42

These Settings SHOULD NOT BE TOUCHED! Theses Are Experimental And May Not Work Properly!

#These Settings DO NOT WORK, Please DO NOT enable theses settings until a better update is released
Ghost_Fly: false


SMP_Hardcore Video Link


Version 2.0

  • No More MYSQL!
  • Healthbar Display Over Players Head! (Requires Spoutcraft)
  • Added OP/Console Command [/smprevive PLAYERNAME]

Known Bugs

  • No Text On Sign On Death
  • Error On Console when Player Logs Out (ignore this)
  • New Ghosts Cant See Old Ghosts
  • Players Revived With The Command Stays Invisible Until Relog

Version 1.9

  • Support For 1.2.5!

Version 1.81

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Comparison If Statement On Startup

Version 1.8

  • Support For R6!
  • Added New Config: Enable_Hunger_HP_Regen: [true/false] (This will make it so only Golden Apples and HP Potions will regan Health!)
  • Added New Config: Ghost_Smoke_Per_Tick: [integer] (How many Smoke Per Second For Ghost Players, More = More Lag, More Smoke)

Version 1.7

  • Added Pre-Rez!
  • Made Ghost_Smoke Less Laggy
  • Pre-Rez Makes Player Immune To Fire/Lava for 30 Seconds.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed MYSQL Create Tables

Version 1.5

  • Added More Flexibility With Configure
  • Added Ghosts Invisible To Live Players
  • Added Second Block To Revive A Dead Player (30 min wait)
  • Added Ghost Smoke Effect

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed MYSQL Overflow when Entity Target Player
  • Fixed Bug Where "revive" Has To Be Lower Case

Version 1.0
-Initial Release


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