Block that Recipe!

Now with 100% more furnace support!

This plugin does NOT support Tekkit!

BanRecipe is a plugin designed to stop certain people from using certain recipes, stop certain people from enchanting certain things and stop people from smelting certain things. It is designed as an improvement over other plugins such as NoCraft, as this plugin allows you to block individuals using permissions.

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A BukkitPerms Manager (e.g. PermissionsEx or PermissionsBukkit) - Not required, but greatly improves functionality


  • Allows items listed in the config to to be blocked from crafting!
  • Items can have permissions that allow users to still be able to craft blocked items. Items can share permissions (that means less clutter in your permissions.yml)!
  • Does not affect the ability to have or spawn the item, only craft it. Very useful for RP servers with group specific traits.
  • Customisable message sent to user trying to craft.
  • Allows specific enchantments to be blocked from use with customisable message!
  • Permissions allows for control of enchantments too.
  • No need for Spout or any other external plugin!
  • Allow certain items to be blocked from smelting - stop people ever making gold ingots again!


I would like to make it clear that I do not officially support mods. While my plugin should work with most mods, some mods don't, the mods this plugin are not compatible with are included in the list below:

  • Tekkit

How to use the Plugin

Make sure to read up on how to use the plugin before you download!

Server Owners:

(Enchantments are based in permissions, Craft Items and Furnace Items are based in the config.)

Planned Features

  • Potion support (only possibly).


Version 2.0

  • FURNACES! FURNACES! YEAH! You can now block smelting items.
  • Data value blocking! Now you can block individual wool colours etc.
  • New command - /banrecipe reload. This allows you to reload the config without restarting server!
  • Added new option to enable/disable enchantment blocking (default=true).

Version 1.0

  • Big overhaul of code and config.
  • Spout support dropped
  • Enchantment blocking
  • New method of recipe blocking
  • BanRecipeHook API merged into code.

Version 0.4

  • Changed from Permissions 3 to SuperPerms

Special Thanks

@Afforess and the rest of the @SpoutDev - Greatly helped with this project. Everyone else who helped in the thread I posted regarding help :p


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