Finally, a use for yellow flowers! BananaMod transforms them into banana peels, which will cause players to slip and lose health.

Note: this plugin was developed on request, so it's unlikely I'll add much to it in the future. The only feature that I can assure will be implemented is a config file with several nodes to customize.


  • There is currently nothing to configure, so just drop the jar file in your server's plugin directory.


  • To place a banana peel, right click the ground while holding a yellow flower. (Note permissions)
  • To pick up a banana peel, left click the flower to destroy it. A flower will drop for you to pick up and place elsewhere.
  • Upon stepping on a banana peel: if your agility has saved you from a fall (node required), you will be notified. Otherwise, you'll lose 3 hearts of health (soon to be configurable) and be told that you slipped on a banana peel. The peel will also be removed, never to be seen again...


  • - players with this node can place banana peels for others to trip on
  • bananamod.remove or bananamod.destroy - players with this node can pick up banana peels to avoid slipping on them
  • bananamod.immune - players with this node are agile! They won't fall and take damage when walking over banana peels (nor will they use up a banana peel when they tread on it).


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