BanManager v5.10.0


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    Jun 18, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.10
  • 1.8.1
  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2


  • Leak detection is now configurable, can be disabled by setting to 0.
  • Added more missing default permissions.
  • Fixed incorrect date and actor when listing past bans via /bminfo -b.
  • Added [warnPoints] to bminfo summary.
  • Fixed createNoteReasons option not being honoured. Thanks to sigmaroot for the PR.
  • Fixed ban/mute expiration lengths incorrectly rounding, e.g. 10d showed 1 week, instead of 1 week 3 days. Thanks to sigmaroot for the PR.
  • Ignore command blocks during broadcasts. This fixes incompatibilities with PaperSpigot as well as a possible crash in Spigot 1.10.
  • Fixed typo in unban ip range notify causing NPE.
  • Updated HikariCP to 2.4.6, fixes issue with showing network timeout as an error rather than info in logs.
  • Added /reasons to list all predefined reasons.
  • Notify player when unmuted via /unmute.
  • Added mute on warn, disabled by default.
    • Requires players to type in their most recent warning reason otherwise they will not be able to chat
    • Removed on server restart and player leave
  • Added player join leave history ip history, enabled by default, set logIps to false to disable
    • Usage: /bminfo -i <pageNumber> <player>
    • Requires permission bm.command.bminfo.history.ips
  • Added flag parsing to predefined #reasons.
  • Fixed temp warnings still broadcasting when silent.
  • Converted warning points to decimals. You may now warn a player for x.y points.
  • Fixed geoip config file deleting.
  • Some messages can now be disabled by simply blanking them within the messages.yml file. Please open an issue if you find any that are not affected.
  • Added warning points to bminfo via [meta] token.
    • Requires adding [meta] to history.row in messages,yml
  • Renamed external to global.
    • Configs will automatically convert.
    • This change is to avoid confusion between local and remote databases.
  • Reports
    • Added report states, with custom state support.
    • Added /report tp <id>
    • Assign reports to players via /report assign <id> <player>
    • Unassign reports via /report unassign <id>
    • List reports via /report list [page] [state]
    • Close a report with a comment or command via /report close <id>
      • /report close 2 /ban someHacker Hacking.
      • /report close 3 Resolved in game.
    • Output open and assigned reports on join, requires and bm.notify.reports.assigned permissions.
  • Fixed new players missing from autocomplete.
  • Fixed /bmactivity player search.