Ban Management

The defacto plugin for Minecraft to manage punishments and moderate more effectively
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  • Free. Open source and free to use
  • Robust. Used and battle tested by some of the largest Minecraft servers
  • Maintained. Actively developed since 2012, 10+ years
  • Cross platform. Supports Bukkit, Spigot, Bungeecord & Sponge
  • Feature rich. An advanced punishment system, reports, appeals, network friendly and website compatible
  • Flexible. Fully customisable with extensive player permissions
To learn more about configuration, usage and features of BanManager, take a look at the website or view the website demo.
  • Java 8+
  • CraftBukkit/Spigot/Paper, BungeeCord or Sponge for Minecraft 1.7.2+
  • Optionally MySQL or MariaDB
  • Copy jar to plugins (Bukkit/Spigot/Paper) folder
  • For further instructions on how to support multiple servers click here
  • /ban <player> <reason> - Permanently ban a player, requires permission, requires permission bm.command.ban
  • /tempban <player> <timeDiff> <reason> - Temporarily ban a player, requires permission bm.command.tempban
  • /unban <player> [reason] - Unban a player, requires permission bm.command.unban
  • /mute <player> <reason> - Permanently mute a player, requires permission bm.command.mute
  • /tempmute <player> <timeDiff> <reason> - Temporarily mute a player, requires permission bm.command.tempmute
  • /unmute <player> [reason] - Unmute a player, requires permission bm.command.unmute
  • /banip <player || ip> <reason> - Permanently ban an ip address or ip of a player, requires permission bm.command.banip
  • /tempbanip <player || ip> <timeDiff> <reason> - Temporarily ban an ip address or ip of a player, requires permission bm.command.tempbanip
  • /unbanip <ip> [reason] - Unban an ip address, requires permission bm.command.unbanip
  • /muteip <player || ip> <reason> - Permanently mute an ip address or ip of a player, requires permission bm.command.muteip
  • /tempmuteip <player || ip> <timeDiff> <reason> - Temporarily mute an ip address or ip of a player, requires permission bm.command.tempmuteip
  • /unmuteip <ip> [reason] - Unmute an ip address, requires permission bm.command.unmuteip
  • /baniprange <cidr || wildcard> <reason> - Permanently ban a cidr or wildcard ip range, e.g. or 192.168.., requires permission bm.command.baniprange
  • /tempbaniprange <cidr || wildcard> <timeDiff> <reason> - Temporarily ban a cidr or wildcard ip range, requires permission bm.command.tempbaniprange
  • /unbaniprange <cidr || wildcard || player> - Unban an ip range, requires permission bm.command.unbaniprange
  • /warn <player> <reason> - Warn a player, requires permission bm.command.warn
  • /tempwarn <player> <timeDiff> <reason> - Temporarily warn a player, requires permission bm.command.tempwarn
  • /dwarn <player> - Delete the last warning a player received, requires permission bm.command.dwarn
  • /addnote <player> <message> - Add a note against a player, requires permission bm.command.addnote
  • /notes [player] - View notes of all online players or a particular player, requires permission bm.command.notes
  • /kick <player> <reason> - Kick a player from the server, requires permission bm.command.kick
  • /nlkick <player> <reason> - Kick a player from the server without logging the kick if kick logging enabled, requires permission bm.command.nlkick
  • /bminfo [player] - Look up information of a player, requires permission bm.command.bminfo
  • /bmimport, Check the migration guides for more information, requires permission bm.command.import
  • /bmexport <players || ips> - Export bans to vanilla format, requires permission bm.command.export
  • /bmreload - Reload plugin configuration and messages (excludes database connection info), requires permission bm.command.reload
  • /banlist [players || ipranges || ips] - List all bans stored in memory, requires permission bm.command.banlist
  • /bmsync <local || external> - Force the server to syncronise with the database, requires permission bm.command.sync
  • /bmclear <player> [banrecords || baniprecords || kicks || muterecords || notes || warnings] - Clear all records of a player or specify a type, requires permission bm.command.clear
  • /bmdelete <banrecords || kicks || muterecords || notes || warnings> <ids> - Delete specific records for a player based on ids from /bminfo, requires permission bm.command.delete
  • /bmactivity <timeDiff> [player] - View recent activity of staff, or a particular player, requires permission bm.command.bmactivity
  • /alts <player || ip> - List players which have the same ip address, requires permission bm.command.alts
  • /report <player> <reason> - Report a player for rule breaking, logs their location and the actors location, as well as other data, requires permission
  • /reports - Report management, executes list by default, requires permission bm.command.reports
  • /reports assign <ids> [player] - Assign a report to a player, if none given assigns to self, requires permission bm.command.reports.assign
  • /reports close <ids> [/command || comment] - Marks a report as closed, with an optional comment or command, requires permission bm.command.reports.close
  • /reports list [page] [state] - Lists reports, requires permission bm.command.reports.list
  • /reports tp <id> - Teleports you to where the report was created, requires permission
  • /reports unassign <ids> - Unassigns reports from a player, requires permission bm.command.reports.unassign
  • /bmrollback <player> <timeDiff> [types] - Allows rolling back malicious actions by a staff member, requires permission bm.command.bmrollback
  • /banname <name> <reason> - Ban any players with the name specified, requires permission bm.command.banname
  • /tempbanname <name> <timeDiff> <reason> - Temporarily ban a name, requires permission bm.command.tempbanname
  • /unbanname <name> [reason] - Unban a name, requires permission bm.command.unbanname
  • /bmutils <duplicates||missingplayers> - Utility commands to aid with resolving issues, requires permission bm.command.bmutils
  • /bmutils duplicates [UUID] [newName] - Finds duplicate player names and allows manual updating of a player name, requires permission bm.command.bmutils.duplicates
  • /bmutils missingplayers - Finds missing player records associated to punishments and creates them, requires permission bm.command.bmutils.missingplayers
If you’d like to contribute, please fork the repository and use a feature branch. Pull requests are warmly welcome.
Help / Bug / Feature Request
If you have found a bug please open an issue with as much detail as possible, including relevant logs and screenshots where applicable
Have an idea for a new feature? Feel free to open an issue or join us on Discord to chat

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