BanManager v5.8.0


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    Dec 21, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2
  • 1.8.3



For v5 major changes, please read the v5.0.0 change log.

  • Fixed notorious connection issue causing BM to use more than the maximum number of connections defined in the config.
  • Added missing [playerId] to message.
  • Added checkOnJoin config option, disabled by default. This checks the database if a player is banned on join. Not recommended, only use if you find syncing too slow.
  • Added warning points, specify via -p flag, e.g. /warn confuser -p 6 Testing.
    • This can be used to achieve warning actions faster as they now use points rather than the count. I.e. allows certain warnings to be more severe than others.
    • Each warning by default is worth 1 point, meaning existing warningActions setups will not be directly affected.
    • Requires bm.command.warn.points permission to use -p flag.
    • NOTE For advanced MySQL users, points column added on startup, ensure your mysql user has permission to alter the warning table.
  • Added ip muting
    • /muteip <ip || player> <reason>
      • bm.command.muteip
    • /tempmuteip <ip || player> <timeDiff> <reason>
      • bm.command.tempmuteip

Report System Update

If you wish to use the report system, please ensure you delete your existing reports table before updating, and allow the plugin to recreate it automatically.

  • Fixed issue with reports being unique, a player can now correctly be reported multiple times.
  • Added a cooldown to /report, similar to /warn, configurable within the config.
  • Locations are now logged of the actor and reported player.
  • Reports can now optionally have the last X number of console logs associated with them, which can also be filtered via a simple contains check, and regular expression.
    • NOTE Not reviewed by BukkitDev staff, use at own risk
    • Demonstrates how other plugins can easily attach their own data to a report, e.g. Anti cheat systems etc.
    • Requires Spigot 1.8+
  • Follow to keep up to date on where the report system is heading, as well as offer suggestions.