BanManager v5.7.0


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    Oct 24, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2
  • 1.8.3



For v5 major changes, please read the v5.0.0 change log.

  • Fixed error on duplicate player entries.
  • Fixed ip address not showing correctly in denied notification. Thanks to @EvilOlaf for the PR.
  • Commands now better handle invalid usernames, i.e. larger than 16 characters.
  • Fixed exception when geoip data missing for a player.
  • Handle data integrity issues on startup. Some users had bans referencing players that were not in their player table. This fix allows the plugin to startup and outputs a warning about the ban.
  • Some performance improvements, thanks to @DoctorDark for the PRs.
  • Fixed missing silent flag on kick commands.
  • Added optional unban/unmute reasons, e.g. /unban confuser Testing
    • NOTE For advanced MySQL users, reason column added on startup, ensure your mysql user has permission to alter the tables.
  • Fixed reload not updating hooks.
  • Added support for muted blacklisted command arguments.
  • Added /report <player> <reason>
    • This is the beginning of the report system, but it is not yet completed. Please note that this command will currently only log the player, actor and time.
    • Requires permission.
  • Added getActor to unban events.
  • Added post hooks support for unban, unbanip, unbaniprange, unmute in config.
  • Added bm.command.* permission. Thanks to @Coolaxer for the PR.
  • Fixed tab completion breaking use of vanish plugins. Thanks to @DoctorDark for the PR.
  • Fixed invalid mute check and message exception in /unmuteall.
  • Added reason and noReason kick notify messages.
  • Fixed silent warnings broadcasting.
  • Added [created] message variable to notes on join and /notes.
  • Fixed incorrect exemption check for mute and temp mute.
  • Experimental fix for scheduler exceptions due to ResultSet being closed. Should no longer spam errors.
  • Added soft/shadow muting
    • Requires bm.command.mute.soft and bm.command.tempmute.soft permissions.
    • Usage -soft or -st for short:
      • /tempmute confuser -soft Spamming
      • /mute confuser -st Spamming
    • Soft mutes have their own blacklisted commands list in the config.
    • A soft muted player can still send chat messages, but they will be the only one to see it.
  • Change UUID request message to show offline mode explicitly to avoid confusion about offline mode support.