BanManager v2.5


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    May 4, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.5.2
  • 1.2.5



  • Fixed conflict with CommandHelper.
  • Fixed bukkit-ban not reading from config.
  • Fixed horrid error when banning an IP that was invalid.
  • Fixed kick and nlkick commands not displaying message to user if they didn't have the bm.notify permission.
  • Fixed new lines not working when a player is kicked.
  • Added new permission nodes bm.banoffline & bm.tempbanoffline which are now required to ban offline players.
  • Added player name validation to all commands.
  • Repeating tasks such as checking for new bans are now configurable.
  • Added /warn command. Requires permission bm.warn to use. This command simply messages the player with the warning and logs it into the database.
  • Added cleanUp node in config, allows removal of records after x days. Set to 0 to disable. Only kicks are enabled by default.
  • Added alt check on login. If a player joins with the same ip of a banned player, a notification is sent to all players with the permission bm.notify.duplicateips. Requires logIPs to be true.

Web Front End

Update Instructions

  1. Upload all files and override any old ones.
  2. Login into the admin panel, remove all servers.
  3. Re-add your servers.
  • When a server fails to be added, it now displays the actual error message rather than the default ajax error message.
  • Added removal of current bans & mutes.
  • Current bans and mutes can now have their expiry time and reason changed (Eliminates the need for an /editban command).
  • Added head icons to latest bans, search players and view player.
  • Added UTF8 support (Enable it within the admin panel if needed).
  • Latest bans, mutes and warnings on the homepage can be enabled/disabled within the admin panel.
  • Footer is now configurable within the admin panel.
  • The cache can now be forced cleared from within the admin panel.
  • Added warnings support.

* None so far.