BagOfGold creates a new dimension in Minecraft where your server Economy is an item based. This means that you can actually see, drop and pickup your money. The money can of cause be used like any other Economy like Essentials, CraftConomy or iConomy and works with other plugins which demands an Economy plugin. F.ex. Shops, Teleport, Money Rewards


 Warning : since the money is Item based, you can loose all your money, like your equipment if you get killed, so maybe it is a good an idea that you store your money in a protected chest or in the BagOfGold Bank.


BagOfGold Bank
To protect your money you can deposit you BagOfGold in a Bank.
Line1: [bank]
Line2: Deposit/Withdraw/Balance
Line3: Everything/number/empty


BagOfGold is currently dependend on both Vault and MobHunting. BagOfGold was invented when I was working on MobHunting, and although I want to make BagOfGold a standalone plugin, it still share alot of code with MobHunting. If you want to use BagOfGold on your server you can disable almost everything in MobHunting's config.yml, but you WILL need to install the plugin for now.

Here is some basic commands, more will come....
/bagofgold reload - To reload the configuration file
/bagofgold update - To check for and update the plugin
/bagofgold version - To show the BagOfGold version
/bagofgold debug - To enable/disable debug mode

I have not have had the time to make a give/take command in BagOfGold, but you can use the MobHunting commands instead.
/mh bag give playername 10
/mh bag take playername 10
/mh bag drop 10
/mh bag balance rocologo


or use Essentials

/eco <give|take|set|reset> <player> <amount>



The plugin searches for new updates every 2 hours and if you have permission "bagofgold.update" your will get an alert ingame and in the console. In config.yml you can let the plugin automatically update or you can disable updating completely if you want to.


 - bagofgold.reload

 - bagofgold.update

 - bagofgold.version

 - bagofgold debug


MCStats & bStats

This plugin utilizes both Hidendra's and BtoBastians plugin metrics systems , which means that the following information is collected and sent to

 - A unique identifier The server's version of Java Whether the server is in offline or online mode

 - The plugin's version

 - The server's version

 - The OS version/name and architecture

 - The core count for the CPU

 - The number of players online

 - The Metrics version


You can NOT Opt out this service by editing plugins/PluginMetrics/config-bagofgold.yml and changing opt-out-bagofgold to true. Metrics is forced enabled for BagOfGold only. You can disbale bStats, but this causes a startup delay of 20 seconds.



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