A Bukkit plugin that refills the item in a player's hand when they have ran out. The refilled items come from that player's inventory.
Version: v1.0

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Installing & Upgrading

  1. Download
  2. Unzip
  3. Drag AutoRefill.jar into your "craftbukkit/plugins" folder - replace AutoRefill.jar when upgrading.


AutoRefill may be configured from the default settings.

You Can:

  • Turn AutoRefill on or off by default
  • Change which blocks will be refilled.

Important Notes:

  • Navigate to the "config.yml" file in the "craftbukkit/plugins/AutoRefill" folder. If the file or folder is not present, reload the craftbukkit server.
  • Only use space characters in the config.yml file. Tabs will break it!
  • Blocks must be specified by their material name. These values can be found here.
  • Craftbukkit must be reloaded before any changes to the config.yml file can take place.


AutoRefill is very simple to use!

  • /refill [on/off] - this turns AutoRefill on or off.
  • /refill [player] [on/off] - this turns AutoRefill on or off for the specified player.

Please note that AutoRefill is disabled by default.


  • autorefill.* - enables all permissions.
  • autorefill.use - Auto may be used by this player. Note: Refill must be turned on first (either by using a command or by enabling "auto-enabled" in config.yml).
  • autorefill.on - enables use of "/refill on" command.
  • - enables use of "/refill off" command.
  • autorefill.player.on - enables use of "/refill [player] on" command.
  • - enables use of "/refill [player] off" command.


Author: silvermmonkey A.K.A. mmonkey
Testers: Desaxt01, GrahamCracker4m, HuskerMath and e_dick.


  • v1.0 - Initial release.

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