Automatic Minecart (Boat and Horse)

Automatic Minecart

What does that plugin do :

  • Automatic Minecart spawn minecart on a rail, a horse or a boat with the player on it
  • Automatic Minecart remove it when the player left this minecart, horse or boat / or quit the game / or die.
  • That's all : it's a lightweigt plugin without configuration...

Why do i code this plugin

It was for my server. I was looking for a way to allow visitors that don't have minecarts to visit the world faster by using Minecarts on previouly created railways. It's usefull also for players who build rollercasters.

I add (a white) Horse and Boat recently, to freely visit the world and oceans.

Why i don't use dispensers

Minecarts, and living entities cost a lot of server consumption. I don't want that players create loads of minecarts to use railways. And on an economy server you can't give minecart to player without impact on the economy. Horse is rare. Autohoses diseapers as soon as you live them.

What about crafted Minecart, boat or owned Horses

Crafted Minecart are not destroyed when players left them. So they can be used as usual. Same rule for the horse, and the boat.

How to

Minecart :

Simply click on the rail (or powerred rail)

Horse, Boat and Minecart :

Use the command

/autominecart <horse|boat|minecart> <playername> <velocity_x> <velocity_y> <velocity_z>

Use the command with a command block :

for example : throw the player in the air in a boat in the x direction. If he falls in the water, the player will deal no damage ;-)

/autominecart boat @p 2 2 0


Teleport a player with his vehicle (minecart, horse or boat)

/autominecart tp <playername> <world> <x> <y> <z>

API (plugin developpers)

Test if a player is riding an autominecart

public boolean isAutominecart(Vehicle vehicle)

Tp an autominecart

public boolean tpAutominecart(Vehicle vehicle, Location location)

Test it !

Join my server, rails, horses, and boats are in front of the spawn : BlocksAndGold Minecraft Server

Next Feature

  • Destination programmation

A short Video :

AutoMinecaft Video Title


here :

Bugs ?

Please report if you find some ! Twitter

If you want to be notified of the next update or follow my other works on bukkit or MCPE


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