Ever dreamed of the ideal PvP raiding experience? Ever wanted an awesome way to fly planes in minecraft? Introducing AutoCraft, the PvP airships plugin! AutoCraft allows players to create customized airships that actually fly! They can use these airships for any number of things, from raiding to just having fun!


  • Ships that never rip apart
  • Fully customizable ship types
  • Torpedos, Bombs, and Napalm
  • Optional Factions integration

Ship Weapons

AutoCraft has a few built in on-board weapons to use for raiding. These can be disabled on a per ship basis. If you would not like for ships to be used for raiding and grief, you can simply disable all weapons for all ships. The materials needed for each weapon are fully configurable. Each weapon requires TNT, the amount of TNT needed is configurable as well.

  • Napalm - drops a single wool block. When it hits the ground, it will explode and burn the surrounding terrain. If it makes contact with an obsidian block, it will only destroy the block that it lands on.
  • Torpedo - launches a 2 x 1 projectile. When it hits a block, it will explode. If the block is obsidian, it will destroy one obsidian block. If the torpedo travels laterally for long enough, it will begin to fall and hit the ground.
  • Bomb - drops a single block of TNT. Does not affect obsidian.
  • Fire - fires a single block of TNT. Does not affect obsidian.


Command   Description
/ac allowed <ship type>   Shows general information about a ship type
/ac dismount   Leaves the ship you are currently on
/ac drop   Drops a block of lit TNT
/ac fire   Fires TNT out of the cannons
/ac help   Displays AutoCraft commands
/ac info   Gives information about your current ship
/ac list   Lists all available ships
/ac move   Moves your airship in your direction
/ac napalm   Drops napalm
/ac pilot <ship type>   Pilots the ship you are currently standing on
/ac reload   Reloads AutoCraft
/ac rotate <direction>   Rotates your ship
/ac torpedo   Fires a torpedo


  • In order for a player to use a ship, they must have the permission "autocraft.<ship type>"
  • All commands can be disabled by negating their permission, which is "autocraft.<command name lowercase>"
  • A full list of permissions can be found here


Development Builds

Development Builds can be found at our Continuous Integration server. These builds are not approved by the BukkitDev staff and are to be used at your own risk


If AutoCraft has made a significant impact on your server and you feel like donating, click the button below! (Please do not donate more than you can afford!)

Bug Reporting

If you happen to find a bug, create a ticket following this template:

  • Provide a DETAILED description of your problem and how it came about, as well as all (if any) steps taken to remedy the problem.
  • Provide any RELEVANT stack traces or error logs (use pastebin or I will delete your ticket)
  • Provide what version of AutoCraft and Bukkit/Spigot you are using (Please provide the full version string, found with /version AutoCraft and /version)
  • Provide any other relevant information.

Before Reporting

  • Check the Development Builds, often times your problems are already solved!
  • Make sure you are running the latest Bukkit/Spigot build


  • Support will not be given for any of the following: Offline Servers and Servers running ancient versions of either Bukkit/Spigot or Java.
  • AutoCraft has been fully tested (as well as built with) with the latest builds of both Java and Bukkit.

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