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Auto Payments provides a system that integrates with your economy that allows you to setup automatic payments based on a time period. You can group players together to simplify the process or set individual payments. You have full control over many of the aspects of the payments including time period, amount, group overrides, and much more!

I realize that Mojang is moving to the UUID system and I am working on getting it all set from the transition frankly it should not be that hard to do with he way I have names gathered already.


    SQLite database storage Per user configurable payments Configurable payment period Configurable automatic account suspension period Automatic resume after server stops New Log Files Group based payments Better Error Reporting Update notification (disable in config)



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Blanks after the main context will return help for that command


    /payment help - Displays the command structure /payment lookup [username] - Retrieves the information from the database about the specified user /payment force - Forces a payment cycle /payment abort - Stops all future payments /payment restart - Restarts stopped payments /payment reload - Reloads the plugin config


    /payment group create [groupName] [payment] - Creates a new payment group /payment group delete [groupName] - Deletes a payment group and resets all users in the group to default /payment group modify [groupName] [payment] - Sets the payment of an existing group


    /payment player set [playerName] [payment] - Sets the payment of a user /payment player group [playerName] [groupName] - Sets a users group /payment player clear [playername] - Clears the payment of a user /payment player clear [playername] group - Clears the group of a user /payment player pause [playerName] - Suspends a player's payments /payment player resume [playerName] - Resumes a player's payments

Permission Nodes


    autopayments.admin autopayments.player.** autopayments.payment.*

    Utility autopayments.payment.force autopayments.payment.lookup autopayments.payment.abort autopayments.payment.restart autopayments.reload


    Player autopayments.player.modify.payment autopayments.player.clear autopayments.player.pause autopayments.player.resume


    #Default payment period in hours paymentPeriod: 24 #Timeout for automatic payments in days paymentTimeout: 7 #Check For Updates checkForUpdates: true #How to notify you of updates pick ONE ->(console,chat,both) notifyMethod: 'both' #Group type (replace,add) replace overrides payment set per user add adds group to users default groupMode: 'replace' #The default group that a player is given on joining defaultGroup: 'default' #the default payment given to all new players defaultPayment: 0.0 # #[---------End Configurable--------] #Don't change what is below hoursToPayment: 24 configVersion: 3.0

Future Plans

    Group permissions UUID Support Online Only Payments Shorthand Commands

User Testimonials

    Deathmaul51 Owner of Legacy Craft

    "Thank you very much for this plugin. We use it on Legacy Craft and it works amazing."


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