AuthMe - 3.3.2


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    Feb 9, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.2-R0.2


Changes 3.3.2:

  • Fix Vault support
  • Fix Group permission problems
  • Rewrite /register and /login command, would be much faster
  • Fix useWelcomeMessage
  • Add a way to broadcast welcome message
  • Remove Join/Quit message only if enableProtection is true
  • Fix /login and /register requested at the same time
  • Some other fixes

Changes 3.3.1:

  • This version work with all bukkit versions
  • When a client ping server (multiplayer screen), if the player's country is banned , the motd is automatically displayed has country banned
  • Fix problem with Log4J, authme will work with all bukkit version in the future :)
  • Add a password blacklist ( do not allow your players to use : '123456', 'password' , etc... set them to lower case !)
  • Completly rework Messages system
  • Completly rework Permission groups system
  • Add a welcome message when player has registered/login, see below
  • Add RoyalAuth password encryption method
  • Convert your datas from RoyalAuth to AuthMe : /authme royalauth
  • Add a countries blacklist ( enabled by default if the list isn't empty, undependent of enableProtection)
  • Correctly teleport players on joined , dependly of your config
  • Automatically hook/unhook plugins when they are enabled/disabled while server is already running
  • Some other fixes

For Welcome message : You can use colors in the welcome.txt + some replaced strings : {PLAYER} : player name, {ONLINE} : display number of online players, {MAXPLAYERS} : display server slots,{IP} : player ip, {LOGINS} : number of players logged, {WORLD} : player current world, {SERVER} : server name,{VERSION} : get current bukkit version, {COUNTRY} : player country

Before update to this version make sure to do a backup of all files, database and accounts.