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    Dec 6, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.5-R0.2


Changes 2.6.8b6:

  • Now store actual logging players in players.yml
  • Add support for bukkit command /reload : you don't need to re-login after a reload !
  • Add support for PluginManagers like Reloader
  • Add a little part of an API

Changes 2.6.8b5:

  • Fix an Exception on disable when Citizens is disable before AuthMe

Changes 2.6.8b4

  • Update to 2.6.8b4 version
  • Add a command : /authme convertflattosql
  • Permission node : authme.admin.convertflattosql
  • This command try to convert the FlatFile auths.db to an usefull authme.sql that you can use on a MySQL database !
  • Compile with CraftBukkit 1.4.5R0.2
  • Debug allowChat function
  • Convert PlayerChatEvent to AsyncPlayerChatEvent

Changes 2.6.6b5:

  • add +2 blocks to Y coords on teleport
  • remove old check that dont solve suffocation problem
  • add preload chunk to all teleport options
  • add mysql check before login if Mysql server is unavaible
  • add passpartu feature : admin can login without password with all player name.
  1. enable passpartu option in config.yml
  2. type console command: authme passpartuToken
  3. u will see a message in cosole output about a random token
  4. log into the server with player name to inspect and type /passpartu token ( token is the random word displayed in console ;) )
  5. thats all u are able to login with that player
  6. consider that u have 30s for type token with minecraft command, after that u have to generate new token from console!
  7. this features is still in testing for possible exploit or bugs.

Changes 2.6.6b4:

  • fix join error on new player
  • fix some lost of position
  • pre-load chunk on teleport when player joins

Changes 2.6.6b3:

  • another time avoid some lost of cache
  • fix restricted players check and config options ( be sure that u can be kicked out otherwise this checks will fail)
  • fix some errors in prev dev version
  • fix some session error
  • Compiled under new Bukkit version 1.2.5-R4.0
  • as usual clean up the code

Changes 2.6.6b2:

  • now really fix double registration on same ip
  • add new CitizensApi for Citizens 2.0 (Still works with Citizens1.2)
  • delete player cache if player is unregistered
  • add new way for handler player invetory loss on first registration
  • cleanup the code

Changes 2.6.6b1:

  • fixed spout login gui that cannot be really disabled
  • fixed heath regeneration when unlogged in
  • fixed some teleport usses near portal when unlogged
  • fixed unregistration and registration dupe bug
  • fixed bug where 2 account are able to regiser on same ip.
  • attempt to fix lost of items on /registration and second login (need more test and feedback )
  • initial strutcture for log-system and inventory serialize
  • clean up the code

Before update to this version make sure to do a backup of all files, database and accounts.

  1. Check the configuration wiki
  2. Check how to setup new version

if u want your language style u have just to renamen it as messages_en.yml and set in config.yml messageLanguage: en to load it.
if your players can chat even if allowChat: false , take some minuts and try to configure unLoggedInGroup ( check the how to wiki ) with none permissions this will solve all major secrity problem.