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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Do you like the protection of armor, but hate the way it looks? Then this is the plugin for you!

Thanks to VariationVault for the video!


  • Use commands to hide any piece of armor or the enchantments on armor
  • Use commands to hide another players armor
  • Upon taking damage that would be reduced by armor or enchantments, the player's hidden armor will be revealed instantly
  • Armor can be automatically re-hidden if the player is granted the appropriate permissions
  • Falling with hidden Feather Fall enchantment on boots will reveal the enchantment - Removed


List of commands:

  • /hidearmor <args>
  • /showarmor <args>
  • /hideenchant <args>
  • /showenchant <args>


  • /ha for /hidearmor
  • /sa for /showarmor
  • /he for /hideenchant
  • /se for /showenchant

How to:

  • /<command> <armor piece> - Runs the specified command on your own armor (i.e. /ha all).
  • /<command> all -<armor piece> - Runs the specified command for all armor except the subtracted piece.
  • /<command> <player> <armor piece> - Runs the specified command on the provided players armor (i.e. /showarmor Snnappie all).
    There are a few different arguments available for each piece of armor. For instance, /ha hat and /hat helmet both do the same thing.


  • armorhider.hidehat
  • armorhider.hidechest
  • armorhider.hidelegs
  • armorhider.hideboots
  • armorhider.hideall - Allows for the player to use all of the above and /hidearmor all.
  • armorhider.hideother - Allows for the player to hide and show other players armor.
  • armorhider.hideenchant - Used in combination with the others to allow players to hide enchantments on their armor.
  • armorhider.autohide - Allows the players armor to be automatically re-hidden instantly

Source Code:

Want to laugh at my poor programming skills? Or perhaps you'd like to offer advice for me to improve? Whatever your reason - click here!

Planned Features:

  • Hiding enchantments on armor
  • Configurable timer to automatically re-hide armor after a player takes damage
  • Support for economy mods and a configurable timer to reveal armor


Feeling over-burdened by money?


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