Archers Reborn

The popular arrow mod is back! With old favorites such as the TNT arrow, the TREE arrow, FLY arrow and many more. Also included are new arrows, like the MEDIC arrow, which heals players around the landing zone.

Selecting your current arrow type is a simple process, simply left click on the activation block for the arrow type you want. To get the activation block for the arrow you want, simply do /arrow arrow_name and the activation block is listed.


/arrow - List all the arrows /arrow ARROW_NAME - Get details on the arrow, A description and a list of items needed for each shot of the arrow and also the activation block.


archers.bow.arrow_name If you are not sure, do /arrow arrow_name and the permission is shown.


This is a list of a few of the arrows, to see more do the command /arrow in-game or in the console.

NORMAL - Plain old minecraft arrow - Activation block = Log

TNT - Explodes when it hits the ground - Activation block = TNT

FLY - Launches mobs up into the air - Activation block = Wool

TP - Teleports you to the block it lands on - Activation block - End Stone

Needs 1.5, as some of the activation blocks are added in 1.5


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