The config file is reasonably self explanatory. Bedrock, obsidian, and end portal frame are included in the default config file as a demonstration, and to make sure they actually can't move. The file can be found in "plugins/APlusPistons/" as config.yml. Default config:

MaxPistonExtendRange: 12 # The maximum number of blocks a piston can push
LogLevel: INFO # Sets the level of logging that the plugin does. There is usually no need to change this.
mobile: # Blocks in this list can be pushed and pulled by pistons
immobile: # Blocks in this list will stop a piston from extending and cannot be pulled by pistons
  - 07 # Bedrock
  - 49 # Obsidian
  - 120 # End Portal Frame
breakable: # Blocks in this list will break if a piston tries to push it and cannot be pulled by pistons


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