ATTENTION: This plugin has to be completely rewritten to work on newer versions of craftbukkit. I dont have time to do this right now, dont expect an update any time soon. I'll update, but not right now.

FAntiXRay is a powerfull and lightweight tool designed to provide protection against x-ray mod. This plugin will rewrite the chunk before it is send to the client providing full protection against almost all x-rays mods out there. This doesn't modifies the world in any kind of way.

Pages: Tips and Configuration | Engine Modes | Benchmarks | Source | Jenkins


  • Highly Configurable
  • 5 different engine modes
  • Hide Chests from chestfinders
  • Generate fake caves
  • Hide blocks based on light level
  • Nether obfuscation
  • Efficient cache system
  • Threaded block update
  • more...


  • FAntiXRay.Deobfuscate - Disable the obfuscation to a player/group
  • FAntiXRay.Quiet.Deobfuscate - Disable the obfuscation to a player/group
  • FAntiXRay.Updates - Receives in-game update notifications
  • FAntiXRay.ClearCache - Permission to clear the cache
  • FAntiXRay.SeeCache - Permission to see the cache status
  • FAntiXRay.Reload - Permission to reload the configuration


  • /axr reload - Reload the configuration
  • /axr cache - Show cache information
  • /axr cache clear - Clear the cache


This plugin hooks directly into CraftBukkit, as result, it may not work with plugins that do the same (e.g NoLagg, ProtocolLib, Spout, I'll try to make it compatible with most of them), also it will break between minecraft patches, which means a 1.4.7 release will not work with 1.5 or 1.4.6.

Know Bugs

  • Let me know if you find any!

NEVER post full error in the comments, use paste, pastebin or pastie. Found a way to bypass the plugin? Send me a private message!

A few config options you set will be collected with metrics by Tyler Blair! To disable it, set opt-out to true at PluginMetrics/config.yml, currently tracked settings:

  • Engine Mode Number, Update Radius, Fake Caves Settings, Fake Caves Intensity, Cache Settings, Cache Compression Level, Darkness Obfuscation Settings, Explosion/Piston Update Settings, Proximity Settings and Proximity Radius.

Want to see it in action? Join our test server:, proudly hosted by PytoHost!, settings here.


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