I made this on request of Royalgamer06.

Reasons to use

Dunno, to be able to silently join or quit your server. Or to be able to sneak upon a friend of yours, just to scare him for fun.

What it does

This plugin disables all join or leave messages if you have the permission for it or if you are an op.
It now also shows the join/quit messages only to the other online players and not to the joining/quitting player himself.


Just give the permission to someone if you want that person to be able to join or leave silently.


To never show join/quit messages to anyone (except for op's or players with the "AJLM.staff" permission) use:

- AJLM.fullsilence.join
- AJLM.fullsilence.quit

To not send the player himself a message saying he joined, but showing it to the other online players, use:

- AJLM.hide.join
- AJLM.hide.quit

To be able to toggle the visibility of the joining/quitting messages, use:

- AJLM.staff


As a player with the AJLM.staff permission (or if you're an op) you can use this command to toggle the visibility of the joining/quitting messages.

Source Code


- v4.0 : Added a command "/showme" and the permission "AJLM.staff" to use it.
- v3.0 : Updated for 1.2.3-R0.3 and MAJOR UPDATE
- v2.0 : Update for 1.2.2-R0.1
- v1.0 : Release and probably the only one, as I want to keep it simple and lightweight.


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