blocklist doesn't work #45

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  • Forge_User_11252425 created this issue Aug 30, 2019

    I want to make creepers destroy everything except chests and barrels ..... so i put this in the config:

    explodeblocks: true
    depth: 0
    yield: 100
    blocklist: chest, barrel
    whitelist :false
    now the creeper doesn't do damage to anything .... I have tried changing any parameter and the conclusion is that if the "blocklist" is present the creeper can't damage any block 
    now... probably I am extremely stupid and I messed a thing... cut can anyone help??
    ps: sorry for the bad English 
    pps: I have tried putting the number value or copying the string from the TNT (that doesn't work either)
  • Forge_User_11252425 added a tag New Aug 30, 2019
  • Forge_User_11252425 posted a comment Aug 30, 2019

    oof... I have forgotten.... if I put the dec number value the creeper does do damage to blocks but even the block in the blocklist 

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