This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


The goal of AntiAd is to help you maintain a server where people don't advertise, spam or write in all caps.
When a player is sending advertisement or spam in the chat it shows a message to the people with the permission `antiad.see` the advertised/spammy message - The advertising/spammy player gets a warning and a message that spam/advertisement isn't allowed (the message can be changed in the config).
We are doing this by giving everyone n (default 3) chances (resets with a server restart), when they used their 3 chances there a executed a command (the command can be set in the config).

Spotlight From EpicTimoZz


  • Essentials Chat: Essentials chat works well with AntiAd for the most part with the exception of URL filtering and perhaps some other modes. To allow AntiAd to take over and monitor for IP addresses and URLS... give your default players the following permission. -


  • Stop IP/URL on Sign.
  • Blocks spam (Large words, and Caps)
  • Detects Nicknames
  • Config file with lots of configurable options
  • Implemented permissions
  • Customizable ban and non-ban messages
  • Recognises websites and blocks them
  • 3 Warnings before action
  • Sepparate actions for spam and advertising, fully configurable
  • It also blocks URLs even if typed badly and prevents Spam.
  • Logging the spam and the advertising in the log.txt
  • Stealth mode so the players are not aware of AntiAd


Commands Description
/antiad add It to add the URL's or IP's in the whitelist
/antiad reload Reloads the plugin, includes configuration

To Do:

If you have any suggestion that you would like me to add into the plugin, just post a comment or make a ticket of it.


We have made language support special for you :) Currently this languages is added to AntiAd

  • EN - English (2.1+)
  • ES - Spanish (2.1+)
  • DE - German (2.2+)
  • DA - Danish (2.2+)
  • FR - French (2.2+)
  • PL - Polish (2.2+)
  • RU - Russian (2.2.1)
  • CN - Chinese (2.2.5)
  • TR - Turkish (2.2.5)
  • HU - Hungarian (2.3.4)
  • pt-br Brazilian Portuguese (2.3.4)

To add it just put the DE,EN etc. in your config. if you want to add any new languages you can make a pull request on Github (where you also can make requests for changes)


Version 2.3.4 Changes:


  • Added hungarian - thank you @HunLux
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese - thank you @nathampa0909
  • Added some basic tests - thank you @ferrybig


  • an issue where you could bypass the webpattern with uppercae - thank you @ferrybig

Full history: Click Here


To determine popularity of this plugin, plugin installs are automatically tracked by the Metrics plugin tracking system. If you don't want to help or are paranoid, edit plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml and set opt-out to true. But seeing more users makes me very happy.

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I would like to thank everyone who has donated to AntiAd. I really appreciate it. :)


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