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Anti OP

Hey Guys ! Anti OP is a tool for Servers which have a donating System. Most of the Admins know that some VIP's give normal Users stuff which is cheated. Most of the fair Users are angry about that. So I have decided to develop my first Plugin, to stop that in the Minecraft world.

How does it work ?

The Plugin have one Permission. It is the "Kingofkings.AntiOP.OP" Permission. All Player with it are allowed to use stuff with more than five Enchantments. And if they die, the Plugin deletes all the stuff inside the Inventory. In this way, User aren't able to collect OP stuff from death VIP's. If they have an Over Powered tool in the Inventory and change the World with it, the Plugin delete it. These Player will be set to a list inside the Code. If they use it a second time, they will be marked in the TAB List with "[OP-User]".

New Ideas

If you have Ideas to improve my Plugin just write a comment.


Here is a list of all features and those which are planned:

Current features

  • Detect OP stuff on Worldchange
  • VIP's can't drop OP stuff
  • After death the stuff is deleted (only from VIP's)
    (will be optimized in an update soon)
  • Config to set punishment

Future Features

  • Adding feature to search for an Update !
  • Command to see, who has used OP stuff
  • Adding German translation

Bugs ?

Please comment if you have any problems.


You are able to download the latest version from here.
I highly recomend you to use the AntiOP Beta 1.1!!!
If your server runs on an older version check out this page.

Install it !

You can install my Plugin in the following way:

  1. Download the .jar
  2. Drag the .jar in your /Plugins/ folder
  3. Launch/Restart your Server It should work then :)

New Plugins ?

If you have any Ideas for a new Plugin, please tell me via PM. I'll try to develop it then :D

Help me ?!

I'm searching peoples, which help me. I need two gift codes for minecraft :D If you send me one (you don't need to send me two, beacuse I know that 40$ is expensive) via PM with the IP of your Server, I'll write your Ip in my Signature. I also will be able to develop a simple Plugin for you then :D


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