Animal Plague 0.5


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    Jul 17, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.1


Version 0.5
- Immunity Update!
- Cure Item will now make the animal immune.
- Added a player message when curing an animal.
- Chance that an animal will be immune to the plague upon spawning.
- Animals that avoid infection can become immune!
- Added new config options. Delete Config to make the plugin regenerate a config file.

Version 0.4
- Fourth version.
- Fixed configurable cure item healing all plague animals instead of just the one clicked.
- Added FleshDecay in config. Makes animals only drop rotten meat if they die from the plague.
- Included more animals in default plague animals list. Delete Config to make the plugin regenerate a config file.
- Addition of new code to start updating config files automatically. (Delete Config anyway. This is still buggy.)

Version 0.3
- Third version.
- Added a configurable cure item.
- Built towards 1.7.9 for future builds.

Version 0.2
- Second version.
- Added the ability to determine which animals can be effected by the plague.
- Added better documentation.
- Changed default plague settings to be less devastating.

Version 0.1
- First release of Animal Plague.
- Beta build so expect small bugs.
- Not much testing has been done yet, but I promise it won't crash your server.
- More features planned, just wanted to get the initial release out!

- Possible bug where full infection chance is slightly less than 100%
- Certain Types of mobs may not work. (Not all have been tested)
- No check to assure all entities on the list are mobs. (No noticeable effects, just won't work)
- Immunity is not saved if the server is restarted.
- Certain Config options may not appear unless you regenerate the config.yml file.