Amazing Fishing

Make fishing more interesting !

Plugin improve default minecraft fishing by custom fishes that contains global records, tournaments, treasures and more!


Why use Amazing Fishing ?

Amazing Fishing was created to fight the paid fishing plugins that now exist, also the plugin is open source with online technical support!


For dev builds click HERE


For discord support click


Required: (For plugin version 1.5 and higher it is not necessary to have these plugins installed, of course Vault is needed for Economy plugin)


  • In-game editor for fishes, treasures and enchants!
  • Custom enchants for fishing rod
  • Tournaments (Types: Random, Weight, Length and MostCatch)
  • Global records and own records
  • Shop where players can buy items or sell fishes




  • AmazingFishing.* - For all permissions
  • AmazingFishing.Reload
  • AmazingFishing.Tournament
  • AmazingFishing.Editor
  • AmazingFishing.Editor.Fishes
  • AmazingFishing.Editor.Treasures
  • AmazingFishing.Editor.Enchants
  • AmazingFishing.Editor.Settings
  • AmazingFishing.Stats.Other
  • AmazingFishing.Points.*
  • AmazingFishing.User - For permissions bellow
  • AmazingFishing.Use
  • AmazingFishing.Toggle
  • AmazingFishing.Record
  • AmazingFishing.Top
  • AmazingFishing.Shop
  • AmazingFishing.List
  • AmazingFishing.Enchant
  • AmazingFishing.Stats
  • AmazingFishing.Bag
  • AmazingFishing.Points.Balance


Special thank to BESSGEORG for create logo


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