API that allows you to send email and text message alerts to players!

Latest version: 1.1 - File waiting approval

Your Information Is Safe

Passwords, email addresses and phone numbers are secured via encryption. AlertAPI stores all registered players in an address book and allows for other plugins to send messages if the player is in the address book. Information in the address book is blocked from other plugins, they are only allowed to check if a player is in the address book.

If you are a developer that wants to use AlertAPI for your plugin go to the Developer Portal.


- Email address that uses an SMTP server for outgoing emails.

  • Example: Gmail, Road Runner, Yahoo, Hotmail
  • Suggested: create new email address: [email protected]

NOTE: Only the outgoing email address has to use SMTP for outgoing emails. Players on the server can register with ANY email address.


  • /register <carrier> <phone> - Registers your phone number.
  • /register [email] <address> - Registers your email address.
  • /unregister - Removes your registration and alerts.
  • /alert <player> <message> - Send alert message to this player.
  • /alert [all] <message> - Send alert message to all players.
  • /carriers - List supported carriers.
  • /alertpref [email] - Set email messages as your preferred method.
  • /alertpref [sms] - Set text messages as your preferred method.
  • /terms - View the terms of AlertAPI.
  • /terms [accept] - Accept the terms of AlertAPI.
  • /terms [decline] - Decline the terms of AlertAPI and cancel registration.
  • /ignore [list] - List players in ignore list.
  • /ignore <player> - Add player to ignore list.
  • /ignore [del] <player> - Remove player from ignore list.


  • alertapi.* - Gives player access to all AlertAPI commands and functions.
  • alertapi.receive - Allows player to sign up and receive SMS and Email alerts.
  • alertapi.send - Allows player to send messages to one player from in game.
  • alertapi.send.all - Allows player to send message to all players from in game.


email: [email protected] The outgoing server email address (all alerts will be sent from this email)
username: server-email-username The outgoing server email address username (sometimes same as email address)
password: server-email-password The outgoing server email address password (will be encrypted after first startup)
password-encrypted: Leave blank, this will be filled in automatically after first startup
host: SMTP outoing email server address
port: 465 SMTP outgoing port (usually 465 or 25)
ssl: true Does this ougoing SMTP port use ssl security? (usually port 465 does)
allow-email: true allow email message sending
allow-sms: true allow text message sending
email-display-name: Minecraft Server This is what will show up in the From field of email alerts
default-email-subject: You have a new alert from your minecraft server! outoing email subject
default-sms-subject: MC Alert! outgoing text message subject
message-online-players: false Can online players recieve alert messages
Popular SMTP Gateways:
port: 465 or 25
port: 465
port: 465 or 25

Supported Carriers

For a full listing of supported carriers, click here.

Plugins Using AlertAPI

Get your plugin on the list by submitting a ticket.


By downloading this plugin, or using this plugins features, you agree to the following terms; Standard data fees and text messaging rates may apply based on your plan with your mobile phone carrier. The developer of this plugin, or any plugin using AlertAPI may not be held accountable for:

  1. Charges which may occur when receiving text messages.
  2. Phone numbers or email addresses becoming public. (Although this is highly unlikely)
  3. These terms maybe updated at anytime, without notice.


Q. How can I update the outgoing email account password? A. Delete the information in password-encrypted in your config.yml and enter your new password in the password field.

Q. Is my data safe? A. Yes. All of your information is encrypted and protected. Any plugin that uses AlertAPI does not have access to your information.

Q. What if I do not have a text messaging plan, or I have limited texts? A. You can register your email address! Just use command: /register email [email protected]

Future Releases

  • Add more supported carriers
  • Add support for other outgoing email protocols - IMAP and POP3


Alert API uses Metrics only to keep track of the number of installs and Bukkit versions. All information collected is anonymous, and no user information is, or ever will be collected.

Opting out of this service can be done by editing plugins/Plugin Metrics/config.yml and changing opt-out to true.


Author: silvermmonkey A.K.A. mmonkey
Logo: Jensui

Having Issues?

Submit a ticket.


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