Version 1.0
The bare-bones simple plugin for setting a player's walking speed.

- Set any player's walking speed, stays applied after the player has logged off.
- No permissions (and there never will be). It just works for OPs only.
- Works from the console and ingame.

- walkspeed <player> (target speed as a float value from 0 to 1 inclusive)
Alias: speed
If target speed is left blank, sets the speed to default (.2).

To Do (whenever I feel like it):
- Add flyspeed, defaultwalkspeed, and defaultflyspeed commands.
- Add a default walking/flying speed option for all players who join or for OPs with a config file for that default speed.
- Allow admins to change players' walk/fly speeds while those players are offline.

Source Code:
Contact me ([email protected]) for the source. I'll give it to anyone who asks.

- I made this because there weren't any up-to-date plugins like this that were simple.
- Permissions support will never exist for this because 1. I don't know how and 2. It's meant for server owners who don't have complicated setups.
- I don't care whatsoever what you do with my code as long as you don't repost it by itself as your own on BukkitDev. If you've modified it somehow, added it to a bigger plugin, or I let this get out of date, go ahead. Make a version with permissions support if you want; I only want one simple one to exist.
- Why is it a float value from 0 to 1? I wanted to make it just like the setWalkSpeed method in Bukkit, which takes that kind of input. I've seen plugins that take a value from 0 to 10, and I don't like it to be unnecessarily encapsulated like that.


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