Anti-Enderman Grief

What is Anti-Enderman Grief?

It is a light weight bukkit plugin that prevents enderman from griefing a world. This is achieved by either setting the block an enderman hold when spawned or by dropping the block that an enderman holds on death.

Yes, i know that there are other plugins that stop this from happening, but this plugin is meant to be a light weight solution to enderman griefing. This plugin also makes the a 1.9 feature, available in pre-1.9 version of MC while also giving the ability to stop enderman from griefing entirety.


A complete config file will be generate once this plugin is ran for the first time. This mean you only need to set the value of the key to change how the plugin works. Here is a break down of all the keys used in the config:

  • spawnBlockMat -(string)- is the material of the block that an enderman should spawn with. To disable this feature, set the value to 'AIR'
  • spawnBlockData -(byte)- is the data value of the material that an enderman should spawn with. If the spawnBlockMat is set to 'AIR', this value will not be used. However it still needs to be between the max and min value for a byte.
  • dropBlockOnDeath =(bool)- true if you want an enderman to drop the held block. otherwise false. However, this value will not matter if the spawnBlockMat is not set to 'AIR'


This plugin has no permissions.

Source Code

The source code for this plugin can be found here.


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