AEco - Lightweight Economic, Shops and Locks

New Version 2.0 and up (2.1)!

The complete AEco code has been rewritten, its lighter than ever before! Each part of the plugin is now more independent, this means that when you disable a part of the plugin it will not run in the background, it will be completely gone! Also the item price list has been updated to Minecraft 1.1 thanks to Flagiata.

AEco a must have for every survival based server!

AEco is a three in one plug-in, it features: Locks, Shops and a small Economy. Every part of this plugin can be disabled if you wish, also every message can be customized. AEco works with the default Bukkit permissions plugin.

Locks can be used to lock chests, furnaces and dispensers. Players can create locks by clicking with nothing in their hand on a lockable item, when a lock is created players can unlock and lock it by clicking on it. Unlocking and locking can only be done by the player who created the lock, removing a lock is very simple the owner of the lock should click on it with dirt (configurable) in his hand to remove the lock.

The Economy part of this plugin makes sure players have wallets an can make payments, this is used by the shops part of the plugin for example. Admins can change the value of wallets. Players can (when enabled) sell items to the server, using the prices.dsp file server admins can set prices that should be used when selling items to the server.

Shops can be used to sell items to other players, to create a shop a player should take the item that he wants to sell in to his hand, then he should type the following command: /shop create 5 150. The first number in this command is the amount of items he wants to sell, the second number is the price for each item he wants. When a player uses this command nothing will happen because he should click on a chest to actual create the shop.


  • All languages available because all messages are configurable.
  • Lightweight
  • Enable features only if you really need them
  • Locks
    • Works on Chests, Furnaces and Dispensers
    • No commands needed
    • Automatic protection from explosions and other players
  • Economy
    • Easy to edit contents of someone's wallet
    • Choose your currency
    • Sell to server command
  • Shops
    • No sings, this means after creating a shop players can put their own sing nearby it
    • Works with any item
    • Create infinite shops
    • Automatic protection from explosions and other players



Plug-in: (Most recent 2.1)

Default prices file (Most recent 1.1)

Change-log / Downloads

Version 2.1

  • New configuration options:
    • Lock chests (true/false)
    • Lock furnaces (true/false)
    • Lock dispensers (true/false)
  • Dispenser locks now 100% safe,dispensers will only dispense items when they are unlocked, locked dispensers will never dispense any thing.
  • Added some safety code that checks for old lock locations. Used in different ways: When you MC edit a world, when other plugins remove chests, furnaces or dispensers, when *difficult explanation about coding and stuff here*. And just for safety you never know...
  • Edited some default configuration messages (chat colors)

Version 2.0.1

  • Shop abort command works again

Version 2.0

  • Completely rewritten the code
  • Bukkit event system updated
  • Bukkit configuration system updated
  • Minecarft 1.1 Compatible
  • Made the specific parts of the plugin more standalone, when disabling a part it won't run in the background its gone... totally gone!
  • Lots and lots of other improvements
  • Old configuration files won't work any more!
  • Permission nodes have been changed !

Version 1.1

  • Moved some config messages to a new location:
    • playermaxamount
    • playernotfound
  • Added the "Sell to server" command, including new messages.
  • Renamed the economic part of the plugin from wallet to Economy.
  • Added a currency configuration (ex: $, €, Gold).
  • Added a message after a shop command was executed.
  • Disabling specific features does now really disable the commands!
  • Fixed a few small bugs, and improved some code.

Version 1.0

  • Initial Release

My home country is Holland, so please if you find any grammar or spelling error pm me!!


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