Advanced Set Spawn

[ Advanced Set Spawn ]
Teleport one or more players to the spawn point easily and quickly. 
- Spawn onJoin (true/false)
- Spawn onDeath (true/false)
- Enable Command SetFirstSpawn (true/false)
- Enable Command SetSpawn (true/false)
- Disable Cooldown Has Permission (true/false)
- Disable onMoveEvent (true/false)
- Customizable Prefix
- Customizable Messages
- PlaySound on Teleport to the Spawn Point.
- Teleport all players to the Spawn Point
- Teleport players to the Spawn Point on falling in to the void [v2.1]
- Check if player has changed its location (true/false) [v2.4]
- Now you can hide any message! [v2.5]
- Support up to MC 1.20.1
[⌨] Commands:
-  /setspawn    
-  /spawn     
-  /aspawn   
-  /aspawn reload
-  /aspawn tp <player>
-  /aspawn tpall
-  /aspawn setspawn
-  /aspawn setfirstspawn
-  /aspawn firstspawn
You can also use /advancedsetspawn & /asetspawn instead /aspawn
[♚ Permissions:
    description: Admin commands for ASetSpawn
    default: op
    description: Bypass the cooldown on teleportation request
    description: Access to aspawn main command list
    description: Permission to go to the first spawn
    description: Permission to go to the spawn
    description: Set the spawn point
    description: Set the first spawn point
    description: Reload all the plugin configurations
    description: Teleport a player to the spawn
    description: Access to tpall command
    description: Bypass to prevent teleport you to the spawn on tpall
[✎] Config. & Messages (v2.5):
# -----------------------[ AdvancedSetSpawn v2.5 ]------------------- by iLiroSQ
# Conditions:
# bypass-cooldown-ops (true/false) removes the cooldown on spawn request by permission.
# check-location (true/false) before teleporting check if player has teleported
# TIP > I recommend using this with onMoveEvent to avoid players bypassing it...
# cooldown (In seconds) how much the player will wait until he got teleported to the spawn point.
# period-nofalldamage (In seconds) starts when a player was recently teleported in to the spawn.
# prevent-falldamage (true/false) it will only prevent for the first fall damage you get
# after teleported to the spawn point.
# prevent-tpall-ops (true/false) if u have "aspawn.notpall" permission u will avoid going to the spawn.
# spawn-onDeath (true/false) sends a player to the spawn after they die...
# spawn-onJoin (true/false) sends a player to the spawn when they join to the server
# spawn-onVoid (true/false) sends a player to the spawn if they fall in the void.
# Toggle:
# aspawn-permission (true/false) toggles the access to the /aspawn command.
# disable-onMoveEvent (true/false) Check if player moved at least 1 block, this was optimized...
# TIP > If you don't want this event, cause lag or its unnecessary so set it to true.
# If you disabled this (true) your players will be able to move on teleport request.
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
bypass-cooldown-ops: true
check-location: true
cooldown: 3
period-nofalldamage: 2
prevent-falldamage: true
prevent-tpall-ops: false
spawn-onDeath: true
spawn-onJoin: false
spawn-onVoid: false
aspawn-permission: true
spawn-permission: false
disable-onMoveEvent: false
enable-setfirstspawn-command: true
enable-setspawn-command: true
enabled: true
music: "LEVEL_UP"
volume: 5
pitch: 0
prefix: '&5[&6&lA&e&lSpawn&5] '
config-reloaded: '&2&l&k!&a Plugin reloaded. &2&l&k!&7'
spawn-teleporting: '&6Teleporting...'
spawn-tpall: '&aYou successfully teleported all the players online to the &eSpawn
spawn-notfound: '&cThere is no &eSpawn &c&nPoint&c.'
spawn-cooldown: '&6Teleportation will start in &a%cooldown%s&6, don''t move!'
tp-usage: '&7Usage: &c/aspawn tp <player>'
tp-success: '&aYou successfully teleported &e%target% &ato the &eSpawn Point&a!'
player-notfound: '&e%target% &cis not found!'
cancel-teleporting: '&cTeleportation was canceled! &7&o(You moved)'
setspawn-success: '&aYou successfully set the &eSpawn Point &7(&a&l&nHere&7)'
setfirstspawn-success: '&aYou successfully set the &6First&e Spawn Point &7(&a&l&nHere&7)'
action-noconsole: '&cThis action is not allowed in the &lConsole'
command-disabled: '&cThis command has been &nDisabled'
world-not-loaded: '&cYour World Location is not loaded, please wait and try again!'
no-permission: '&cInsufficient permission.'
- '&8&m-------------------------------------------------'
- ' &6&lAdvanced&b&lSet&e&lSpawn &7- &aCommands&7:'
- ' &c/aspawn &7- &rShow this list of commands.'
- ' &c/aspawn reload &7- &rReload the plugin.'
- ' &c/aspawn tp <player> &7- &rSend a player to the spawn.'
- ' &c/aspawn tpall &7- &rSend all players to the spawn.'
- ' &c/aspawn setspawn &7- &rSet the Spawn Location.'
- ' &c/aspawn setfirstspawn &7- &rSet the First Spawn Location.'
- ' &c/aspawn firstspawn &7- &rGo to the First Spawn Point.'
- ' &c/spawn &7- &rGo to the Spawn Point.'
- ''
- ' &7(&c&l!&7) &rYou can use &dsetspawn &r& &dsetfirstspawn &ras single'
- ' &rcommand and you can also use &dspawn &ras sub-command of &c/aspawn&r, &c/advancedsetspawn&r,
- '&8&m-------------------------------------------------'
[♫] Sound List:


[❖] Working on:
- Per-world spawn! (Hook with Multiverse-Core2 or self implement)

( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)  Report any issues that you have in the comments section!


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