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Advanced bans allows you to Temporary and Permanently ban players from your server. You can now have more control about your bans with both IP and Nickname banning.

We hope to have version 2.0 ready soon! Progress: 49,85%.

We will update soon with more features!


  • Ban player
  • Unban player
  • Temporary bans (in minutes)
  • Reasons for the ban
  • Left time for unban in kick reason
  • "Welcome back" message (after unban)
  • Ban both nickname and IP (good for offline servers)
  • Permissions or OP
  • Console support
  • Configuration
  • Lightweight
  • IP History (ban offline player on ip)
  • MySQL support

Any ideas and suggestions are always welcome! Open a ticket to submit your idea.

Commands / permissions:

* advbans.ban - /ban <name> [time in minutes] [reason...] - ban player (if player is offline, plugin will use ip history) (example: /ban kyku 15 Spam)
* advbans.unban - /unban <name> - unban player (example: /unban kyku)
* advbans.banip - /banip <ip address> [time in minutes] [reason...] - ban player on ip AND NAME (using ip history) (example: /banip 60 Spam)
* advbans.unbanip - /unbanip <ip address> - unbanip player (example: /unbanip
* advbans.kick - /kick <name> [reason] - kick player (example: /kick kyku spam)

The first author of this plugin was Kyku. Since then this plugin has been remodeled to use the new bukkit configuration system.


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