Advanced Achievements

Advanced Achievements

Looking for a powerful, fun and addictive plugin? Frustrated with the limitations of Vanilla advancements and achievements? Install Advanced Achievements and take your server to the next level! Create a unique set of custom achievements and bring more roleplay, competition and challenge to your community!

Main Features

  • 51 main categories: players killed, custom mobs, fish caught, played time, potions, projectiles shot, ...
  • 2 special categories: award achievements directly with commands
  • Style customisation: names, goals, descriptions, styles and colours
  • Many rewards: money, custom items, experience, increased max health/oxygen or custom commands
  • Advancement integration: vanilla Minecraft advancements for 1.12+ servers
  • RP spirit: shareable books
  • Advanced GUI: fancy and fully customisable interface displaying achievements, statistics and progress
  • Rankings and leaderboards: all-time, monthly and weekly
  • Stunning effects: interactive texts, action bar messages, fireworks, screen titles, particle effects and custom sounds
  • Notifications: optionally notify other players when someone gets an achievement
  • Command blocks: support for advanced command selectors
  • Compatible plugins: many integrations, see list below
  • Huge flexibility: dozens of configuration options and amazing customisation possibilities
  • Translations: language file to modify all displayed texts, 18 available translations
  • Permissions: advanced permission system to fine-tune the plugin
  • Multiple databases support: SQLite, H2, MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • Minecraft compatibility: any Minecraft version from 1.7.9 to 1.15.2
  • Java compatibility: Java 8+
  • High performance: optimised and easy to use
  • Active project: open-source, frequent updates

Compatible Plugins

  • Vault- money rewards.
  • PetMaster - several achievement objectives.
  • BungeeTabListPlus - statistics displayed in the tab list.
  • PlaceholderAPI - a wide variety of placeholders.
  • Essentials - anti-AFK for PlayedTime achievements.
  • Plan - detailed statistics.
  • MythicMobs - achievement objectives for mob kills.
  • AALP Hook - modify LuckPerms groups when players receive one or more achievements.
Contact me if you want a plugin to be added to the list!


Support the project by donating! Buying me a coffee or a pizza is most welcome during long coding sessions on this project and will boost motivation for future updates!

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Support the project by starring it on GitHub or contributing code! No need to be a developer, simply star the GitHub repository or help update the translations! If you are a developer, an API and comprehensive documentation are available. Feel free to fork the project and share your code through pull requests! 

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