Advanced Achievements

Advanced Achievements


Need a powerful, fun and addictive plugin? Want to extend the features of Vanilla advancements or achievements? Advanced Achievements is a must-have for any successful server! Create a unique set of custom achievements and bring more roleplay, competition and challenge to your community!


Players love it: Advanced Achievements is ranked among the 10 highest rated Bukkit plugins on, out of a total of close to 30000 resources! Documentation, installation and FAQ Feature requests, support and issues Plugin translations Source code and API Donate HelloMinecraft, plugin's official server

Main Features

  • Create unlimited achievements based on 47 main categories (players or specific mobs killed, crafts, fish caught, played time, potions, ...)
  • Two special categories to award achievements directly with commands
  • Customise names, goals, descriptions, styles and colours
  • Money, custom item, experience, increased max health/oxygen or custom command rewards
  • Integration with Minecraft advancements for 1.12+ servers
  • RP spirit with customisable books
  • Fancy and fully customisable GUI to list achievements, view statistics and monitor progress
  • All-time, monthly and weekly player rankings and leaderboards
  • Advanced interactive texts and action bar messages
  • Fireworks and screen titles when achievements are received (optional)
  • Beautiful particle effects and custom sounds (optional)
  • Notify other players when someone gets an achievement (optional)
  • Optional third-party plugins support: Vault, PetMaster, BungeeTabListPlus, PlaceholderAPI and Essentials
  • Dozens of flexible configuration options and amazing customisation possibilities
  • Language file to modify all displayed texts; 15 available translations
  • SQLite, MySQL or PostgreSQL support
  • Advanced permission system to tune plugin as you wish
  • Compatible with any Minecraft version from 1.7.9 to 1.12.2
  • Compatible with Java 8+
  • Highly optimised and easy to use
  • Open-source, frequent updates


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