AdminPrivateChat - Light weight admin/moderator only chat:

How is this any different from a private message plugin?

Lets say your server is under attack by a griefing group and a specific building is being griefed, you as the server owner have 3 admins on, Admin1, Admin2 and Admin3. Instead of typing

  • /msg Admin1 Go to the building
  • /msg Admin2 Go to the building and so on

you just type in a single command which broadcasts it to all admins to the server

  • /amsg All admins to the building.


This plugin uses the built-in permissions system. So, either a permissions.yml or one of the new plugins can be used. Add the following nodes to your admin group

  • adminchat.send
  • adminchat.receive
  • adminchat.toggle

The plugin also sends and recieves messages based on if the user is OP, for smaller servers without a permissions plugin


  • /amsg <message>
  • /a <message (optional, can be turned on and off in config)

Sends <message> to all admins on the server.

  • /atoggle

Toggles private chat on and off


Configuration is entirely optional at this point. The plugin will function properly without it, its just here for customization.

The most important configuration option is 'format.' It defines how messages are sent when an admin speaks through private chat. You need two pieces of text inside your format for it to function, %playername and %message. When an admin speaks through private chat, %playername will be substituted by his name and %message will be substituted by the message he sent.

The following colour nodes are available:

  1. *black*
  2. *dblue*
  3. *dgreen*
  4. *darkaqua*
  5. *dred*
  6. *dpurple*
  7. *gold*
  8. *gray*
  9. *dgray*
  10. *blue*
  11. *green*
  12. *aqua*
  13. *red*
  14. *lpurple*
  15. *yellow*
  16. *white*

This is how the colors look in game:

In game colors


  • format: "[AdminChat] <%playername> %message"
  • format: "*red*[AdminChat] *white*<*lpurple*%playername*white*> %message"
  • format: "*blue*<*green*%playername*blue*> *white*%message


  • Talk to other admins easily and privately
  • Very lightweight, consumes very little resources

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