Change log

Change log


  • Fixed bug telling user player hasn't been on the server when they've online for the first time.
  • Added notify option within autonotes, overwrites the default in config.
  • Fixed PlayerJoinEvent not unregistering properly on reload causing event to fire twice.


  • Added modify and append note commands.


  • Added reload command to reload plugin, console access only.
  • Updated default autonotes to not be case sensitive. (ie /KICK being ignored)
  • Added some hawkeye rollback commands to autonotes.
  • Added <commander> and <location> replacment tags for autonotes, substitutes the commander's name and location.
  • Added support for dual line regex, for creating note on hawkwye apply using info from the previous preview command.
  • Names are coloured in list, options added to config to choose name and notify colours.


  • Search command gives no results message if no results found.
  • Added auto notes feature, automatically create notes based on commands used. (kick, ban, jail, ect)
  • Added option to require a permission node to create auto note. (off by default)


  • Removing note shows the note's player instead of date.
  • Added option to confirm player has joined server before creating note.


  • Fixed Notify not being apart of the admin commands.
  • NoteID is given to user upon creation of note.
  • Notes set to notify have gold coloured Ids in the list/search command.


  • Fixed MySQL giving error in the list command if table is empty.

0.3.0 (rejected due to mistaken moderation)

  • Fixed permission nodes being lottery.x instead of adminnotes.x. Damn little things that go unnoticed.

0.2.0 (rejected due to mistaken moderation)

  • Added option to run DB calls in separate thread.
  • Version checker now runs in separate thread.
  • Fixed default permission setting not working.


  • First beta.
  • Added metrics & version checker.
  • Added SQLite support.


  • First alpha. Commands work but needs testing.


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