The idea behind AdminLog is so staff can be informed of everything that goes on in the server to do with administration,

AdminLog is a very Lightweight plugin that wont use up much ram at all.

AdminLog can also be used as a notice board.

The way it works is when you type /log put, It writes everything you put after put into a new line in logfile.log which is generated the first time you run the plugin.

this is useful because if there's something you need to tell the staff EG: I think playername Xray's!

you can literally just write it to the log and then if he does xray you can ban him and put something to the log along the lines of /log put i banned <playername> for Xray! and then the rest of the staff will know the next time they check the log!


You can easily clear the log with /log clear,

You can display the help screen by only typing /log or /log help,

You can read it with /log read,

You can remove a single message from the log with /log remove <message>(Will try and match the closest message),

And you can write to it with /log put <message>!

Whats more all of these commands can be run from the console!


v2: fixed odd permission node.

v2: Added support for removing single messages from the log(Case sensitive).

v2.5 fixed un-updated help menu.

v2.5 added support for color codes using & symbol.

v2.5 added message incase remove cant find the message to remove.


1.Remove command currently only supports one argument. add support for more(for:v3).

Video tutorial





there's no perm node for the help screen its open to everyone.


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