AdminFun Commands


/adminfun <command> /af <command>

replace <command> with a value from below.

announce <message>Broadcast a message.adminfun.announce
bgod <message>Broadcast a message as god.adminfun.bgod
console <message>Broadcast a message as console.adminfun.console
dropparty <startTime> [silent]Host a drop party.adminfun.dropparty
enchantGet a god kit.adminfun.enchant
explode <target>Explode the target player.adminfun.explode
fakejoin [name]Pretend you or a user joins the game.adminfun.fakejoin
fakeop <target>Pretend to OP a user.adminfun.fakeop
fakequit [name]Pretend you or a user quits the game.adminfun.fakequit
firework <target>Turn a player into a firework.adminfun.firework
freeze <target>Freeze a player.adminfun.freeze
invlock <target>Lock a player's inventoryadminfun.invlock
invsee <target>Look into another player's inventory.adminfun.invsee
playerchat <target> <message>Force a user to say something.adminfun.playerchat
possess <target>Possess a user. {UNTESTED}adminfun.possess
randomtp <target>Teleport a user to a random location.adminfun.randomtp
reloadReload the AdminFun configuration.adminfun.reload
rocket <target>Turn a user into a rocket.adminfun.rocket
showCreate a firework
slap <target>Slap a player.adminfun.slap
spamcast <message>Spam a message.adminfun.spamcast
tell <identity> <message>Tell all players a message.adminfun.tell
xpparty <startTime> [silent]Host an XP party at your location.adminfun.xpparty
zap <target>Zap a player.adminfun.zap
help [command/number]View the help
sound <target> <sound>Player a sound to the target player.adminfun.sound


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