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If you want to test the plugin first, join my test server.

for 1.8.x edition on 1.8.8:

for 1.14+ edition on 1.17.1:

 For reasons you can't change the whitelist state and you can't stop or reload the server ;)


If you have an Issue please either use the issue link or send a mail to [email protected]

This will create an issue on Gitlab


The development of this project is currently on halt. But I am still providing support!



With this plugin, you can manage some really important Server and world options.

For example the Time of the Day, the Whitelist status, and the KeepInventory function.


Little warning:

You will find multiple different release Versions of the Plugin, be aware to download the one that has listed your used Minecraft Version. Because the 1.14 Version is not compatible with older Servers.

Of course, I'm still maintaining 1.8 to 1.13 Versions


Newest 1.8-1.13 release:

Newest 1.4-1.16 release:


If you need one to one support hop on my TeamSpeak 3 and write either directly to me or write to the support bot with !ticket "Your question". Give me some contact info within your ticket so I can answer you. Else you can create an issue at GitLab.



/admintools -- Opens the GUI

    /at -- shortcut for /admintools

    /at reload -- reloads the config

    /admintools server rl -- reloads the server (equal to /reload)

    /admintools server stop -- stops the server (equal to /stop)

/servercontrol -- Direcly opens the Servercontrol panel

/worldcontrol -- Direcly opens the Worldcontrol panel

/spec -- Change between survival and spectatormode

/cc -- Clear the chat with 100 lines of nothing

/day -- Alias for /time set day

/night -- Alias for /time set night

/sun -- Alias for /weather clear

/rain -- Alias for /weather rain

/wl <on/off> -- Alias for /whitelist

/gr <true/false> -- Shortform for doDaylightCycle = "dc", doMobSpawning = "ms", commandBlockOutput = "cbo" and so on

/invsee <player> -- Get access to Player Inventorys and move their Items

/fly [player] -- Activate or deactivate for yourself and others flymode

/serverstats  --  View some information about your Server like whitelist state, current Player count, motd and more



admintools.admin -- permits anything (including restarting and stopping the server) -- open GUIs

admintools.spec -- use /spec -- permits to clear chat

admintools.wl -- permits whitelist features

admintools.time -- permits time features -- permits weather features -- permits to change all gamerules

admintools.invsee -- permits to look into and change Player Inventories -- permits usage of /fly

admintools.stats -- allows viewing some server statistics


The Permissions not only grant usage of the commands it also grants usage of the corresponding GUI features.



Sorted in Server category and World category.





  Server stop

  Server reload

  Server Stats -- available since 1.4.1 Version







  DaylightCycle on/off

  KeepInventory on/off


  doMobspawning (on/off)


What you are able to change within the config:

   prefix: '&6[&7ATG&6]'  --  Change the Prefix of all Chat messages to fit your Server
   no_permission: '&4You need the permission &e [Permission] &4 to perform this command!'
   whitelist: '&aWhitelist Status:&c'
   whitelisted: '&aAmount of whitelisted Players:&c'
   onlineplayers: '&aPlayers online:&c'
   serverversion: '&aServer version:&c'
   bannedplayers: '&aAmount of banned Players:&c'
   onlinemode: '&aOnlineMode:&c'


TO-DO List:

- get Server options to work

- add missing World options

- get all commands not depending on OP

- make items moveable in normal inv

- refactor command structure

- Add /invsee

- Add /fly

- Implement serverstats Plugin

⏸︎ - Add freeze (sorry to say but this is more difficult for me than expected)

► - Make invsee able to open offline Players inventories



X = won't do, sorry

/ = maby if its possible for me

= done

► = work in progress

⏸︎= Paused


Known bugs:

- no one can move Items in Inventory permanently and everywhere -- fixed

As of now, there are no issues/bugs known (2nd of February 2021)


To Plugin devs:

Hi, if want to use my code or contribute to it, please notice, there are different master branches for different versions of the Game.





Mit diesem Plugin kann man wichtige Server und Weltoptionen steuern.
Zum Beispiel: Tageszeit, den Status der Whitelist und KeepInventory.


/admintools -- Öffne die GUI

        /at -- Alias für /admintools

/at reload -- lade die Config neu (Noch kein Inhalt)

/admintools server rl -- lade den Server neu (wie /reload)

/admintools server stop -- Stoppe den server (wie /stop)

/servercontrol -- Öffnet direkt die Serveroptionen

/worldcontrol --Öffnet direkt die Weltoptionen

/spec -- Wechsle zwischen Spectator und Überlebensmodus

/cc -- Leere den chat mit 100 Zeilen nichts

/day -- Alias für /time set day

/night -- Alias für /time set night

/sun -- Alias für /weather clear

/rain -- Alias für /weather rain

/wl <on/off> -- Alias für /whitelist

/gr <true/false> -- Kurtzform für doDaylightCycle = "dc", doMobSpawning = "ms", commandBlockOutput = "cbo" und so weiter

/invsee <Spieler> -- Gibt zugriff auf fremde Inventare

/fly [Spieler] -- Aktiviere oder deaktiviere den Flugmodus für dich und andere Spieler

/serverstats  --  Lasse Informationen über deinen Server ausgeben, wie den Whitelist Status, die MotD, die aktuelle Spielerzahl und mehr



admintools.admin -- Erlaubt jeden Befehl (Inclusive stoppen und Starten des Servers) -- GUIs öffnen
admintools.spec -- /spec verwenden -- Clear Chat Funktionen
admintools.wl -- Whitelist an und aus schalten
admintools.time -- Die Zeit auf Tag und Nacht setzen -- Wetter auf Sonne oder Regen stellen -- Gamerule Funktionen

admintools.invsee -- Erlaubt, das Inventar anderer Spieler zu öffnen -- Erlaub mit /fly zu fliegen

admintools.stats  --  Erlaubt /stats auszuführen

Die Permissions berechtigen sowohl für die GUI Funktionen als auch die entsprechenden Befehle.


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