Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the CurseForge network.


This plugin may be used to manage most of the plugins on your server. It is able to automatically install and update plugins.


  • /am details <plugin> #Gives details about the <plugin>
  • /am info #Gives information about the installed plugins
  • /am update <plugin> #Updates <plugin>
  • /am install <plugin> #Installs <plugin>

<plugin> is the name of the .jar file. Our names may slightly differ from the original names. Our names may be found here.


  • addonmanager.* #Gives access to all commands
  • addonmanager.notify #Notify users when there are updates available
  • addonmanager.notify.login #Notify users when there are updates available (upon login)
  • addonmanager.notify.update #Notify users when there are updates available (after an update)
  • addonmanager.usage #Allows you to update and install plugins

All commands default to op.

Which plugins does AddonManager support?

Currently, AddonManager supports all plugins on which are released under an Open-Source licence. All plugins are mirrored on our servers for easier administration. A full list of the supported plugins may be found here. We're working on making more plugins available. If you want your plugin to work with this plugin, just contact us.



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