The Story

You're on an island, in a sea of acid! If you like ASkyblock, try AcidIsland for a new challenge!

This is a variation on my popular ASkyBlock plugin. Instead of falling, you must contend with acid water when expanding your island and players can boat to each other's islands.


YouTube review:

Intro To Acid Island

French Tutorial here!

German review here!


All the features of ASkyBlock plus:

  • Acid hurts, use armor or potions to protect! Set your own sea-level.
  • Rain is acid too! Decide how much damage.
  • Acid hurts monsters, so players can make different grinders or traps.
  • Acid cannot be used to make clean stone, but it can make cobblestone fine. (This stops players paving the ocean).
  • A sponge can be won from a challenge. Sponges soak up acid and make expanding the island easier
  • Island level ranking system - based on block values and blocks below sea-level can be given more value.
  • Players can visit other islands by boat and boats are much more safe than normal - they do not break and exiting them does not dunk players in acid (most of the time).
  • Two AcidIsland starter islands - add more to customize.

Player Tips

  • If you haven't realized already - water is acid - be careful!
  • Native animals in the world don't mind the acid, but supernatural monsters and you burn in it. If you want, animals can be hurt too.
  • Acid and lava can make cobblestone, but clean stone melts in acid.
  • Water breathing potion will make you immune to the acid. Must be because potions are now made with acid...
  • Complete challenges to obtain rare or useful items
  • Don't forget to fish!

Set Up and Installation



Please file a ticket if you find a bug. :-)


  1. Challenges are not giving me money and causing an internal error! Answer: Use latest version of Vault.
  2. Can I use this plugin as a sky block game? Answer: Yes, but it's better to use A SkyBlock that I wrote specifically for that.


Welcome Warp Signs

Welcome Warp Signs are an easy way for players to make warps. Each player can generate only one warp. They create a warp by placing a sign with the first line [WELCOME] on it. If the warp creation is successful, that line will become green. If there is a problem, it will become red.

[If you want Welcome Warp Signs for other worlds or just as a stand alone plugin - download it here]

Warps are listed under /island warps and are the player's name. Players can warp by typing /island warp <name of warp> or click on the GUI.

To destroy or remove a warp, the player should destroy or remove the sign.

The other lines on the sign can say anything the player wants and are listed in the GUI - advertise your island!

The safety of a warp is checked to a certain extent, but it's possible for players to create traps with warp signs. This may or may not be okay with the server admin, but can be interpreted as being part of the game.

To Do

  • AcidIsland is now mature and not accepting new feature requests.


The latest version and source can be found here: Source can be found here.


Language files are built-in! Use the /island lang command.


Stats Disclosure

This plugin utilizes a plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to

  • Your server's randomly generated UUID
  • The amount of players on your server
  • The online mode of your server
  • The bukkit version of your server
  • The java version of your system (e.g. Java 8)
  • The name of your OS (e.g. Windows)
  • The version of your OS
  • The architecture of your OS (e.g. amd64)
  • The system cores of your OS (e.g. 8)
  • bStats-supported plugins
  • Plugin version of bStats-supported plugins

Visit if you would like to learn more about the stats collected. Go into /plugins/bStats/config.yml to disable stat collecting if you wish.

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