Have you ever needed to auto broadcast messages to chat, and notice that the few plugins that actually are able to do this spam the chat with their name, not fully customizable, or no full color support? This plugin is for you then!

This plugin is very simple to use, simple drag and drop. This plugin will generate a folder in /plugins/ called AutoBroadcaster, containing a messages.txt and a config.yml. The messages.txt is a blank text file, where each line is a broadcasted message. This file is a Global message file, which simply means you will receive the messages no matter what world you are in. The config.yml is the main file, in it you can customize things like the announcer name, and the interval. It also has some more advanced settings, such as what to split the message file by (default is new line), the minimum number of players before the plugin broadcasts messages, and whether or not to print to console.

The config is customizable enough to do whatever you want. Even per-world messages, intervals, announcements, announcer names, everything right down to how the message file should be parsed.

This plugin also allows to use BukkitSettings plugin as an add-on! If you have it installed, players can choose to toggle out of receiving messages!

Announcements are toggleable on or off using BukkitSettings by Anxuiz from Project Ares / OverCast Network. In game, you will be able to do /settings to see a list of all settings. If you're using my plugin along with Anxuiz's plugin, then Announcements should pop up. Do /toggle Announcements or /toggle a to enable or disable it. To learn more about the announcement toggle, do /setting Announcements

Get BukkitSettings here:

Example Files for v1.1.0 and above!:

Example global messages file (messages.txt):

This is a white broadcast, which will be the first one broadcasted!

&4This broadcast is red, and &lthis is bold + red!

These messages will be received to every player in any world!

To create messages only for players in a world called Test, simply create another file in /plugins/AutoBroadcasterPlus/ called messages-Test.txt. Messages in here will only be received by those in a world called Test!

Example config.yml

    #Should the plugin debug?
    debugging: true

        #Who will be the announcer? Ex: [AutoBroadcaster]: Message
        announcerName: '[&4Global&f]: '

        #Interval, in seconds
        interval: 15

        #Should messages be sent to console as well?
        broadcast-to-console: true

        #Minimum number of players before any message is broadcasted (0 to broadcast even if no one is online)
        min-players: 1
        #What the messages file should be split by (Don't modify this unless you know what you're doing!)
        delimeter: '\n'

    # To customize settings for a world, say a world named Test, you can simply create a new section. Any settings you don't
    # fill out are defaulted to the global settings. Example:
        announcerName: '[&1Test&f]: '

        ## If you wanted the rest to be like global, you could just delete them or leave them commented :)

        #interval: 60

        #broadcast-to-console: false

        #min-players: 1

        #delimeter: '\n'

Read the comments in the middle to see how to customize the settings for messages in a specific world.

Example Files for v1.0.0 and below!:

Example messages.txt:

This is a white broadcast, which will be the first one broadcasted!

&4This broadcast is red, and &lthis is bold + red!

Example config.yml (The actual file has a list of all the color codes, and it has a direct link to the wiki on colors!):

#Who will be the announcer? Ex: [AutoBroadcaster]: Message
announcerName: '[&4AutoBroadcaster&f]: '

#Interval, in seconds
interval: 60

Auto Broadcaster Plus

This plugin uses Metrics

Metrics can be disabled to stop sending info out, go to /plugins/metrics/ and click config. Turn opt-out to true. Please only do this if you're uncomfortable about data tracking, it helps me see how many people use it, what server software they use, and how many servers use it! Metrics also assists in developing the plugin by telling me info like what java and cb you guys use.

Open sourced

This plugin is open sourced, please provide credit to me for any code you use. Support Me!

If you like my plugin and my work, you can donate. All donations are welcome, and will be used for developing purposes.

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