Minecraft Texture Packs Now Up for Testing in the Beta Curse Client!

Curse has an exciting announcement to make -- Minecraft texture packs that do not require any sort of patching (such as MCPatcher) are now ready for testing in the test version of the Curse Client!  Please note that this is a beta version of our Client that is completely separate from our live, standard Client.

For users, this now means you can test easily installing Minecraft texture packs via one click installs, and no more shady or confusing links!  Any and all texture packs that have been uploaded to Bukkit that do not require patching will be automatically available for testing!  All one has to do to test out these awesome new features is download our test version of the Client!  The more testers we receive, the more bugs and issues we can iron out in the process, meaning a better experience in the end product.

Even better for texture pack makers, you can not only reach a wider audience, but you can now give your users a trusted link!  On top of that, any project that has over 1,000 downloads will net you free Curse Premium, which will give you an ad-free experience on all of our sites and much, much more on MinecraftForum.  Just remember that currently in order for your texture pack to be supported by the test Client, it must be a 16x pack that does not need a patcher, such as MCPatcher.

Uploading to Bukkit is easy!  If you require any assistance, you can refer to this handy tutorial on both how to package and upload your creations to Bukkit.  If you're interested in creating texture packs but don't know where to start, check out this rather all-inclusive FAQ!

Go grab our test Client now to check out how easy installing texture packs can be!  Any and all feedback and bugs should be reported to [email protected].

Please be advised that some rules do follow:

  • include PICTURES: You MUST include pictures of your texture pack or else it will be rejected. Multiple pictures are better.
  • be DETAILED: Include a feature list and a description of the texture pack
  • be COMPLETE: Not just a single sentence or two of description, make the description detailed and complete.
  • be ON-SITE: You cannot simply link to another site which is hosting your texture pack as a description, you must provide information directly on the BukkitDev page without using 3rd party sites. However, if you wish to link your users to other resources that supplement the adequate description you already have, you are free to do so.

Also remember that when uploading files, you must include a version number in the file's title, such as:

Examples of good texture pack submissions:

Please follow the above rules -- helping out the moderators means your files and projects get approved faster!


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