Change log


config.yml Update

This version will update your config.yml to add a few new options:

  • default-primary-group-track
  • native-vault-bridges
  • vault-prefix-includes-group
  • vault-group-test-uses-assigned-only
  • vault-get-groups-uses-assigned-only

After being updated, be sure to inspect your config.yml to ensure that it is still correct. The above options will have comments that describe in more detail what they do.

Change Log

  • No longer use Avaje bean cache with the hopes a certain Avaje bug is avoided. ("NotifyOfCommit failed")
  • Ensure permission in Entry is always lowercased, especially group and assigned group permissions. Fixes an issue when overriding these automatic permissions.
  • Perform refresh inline with background write operations to avoid race conditions.
  • Allow configuration of database outside of bukkit.yml.
  • Add "native" bridges for Vault Permission and Chat APIs.
  • Internalize logic for determining primary group as the new getPlayerPrimaryGroup() method in ZPermissionsService. This is an API change and serves to move the somewhat-complex "primary group" logic out of Vault and into zPermissions.
  • Add option to specify a default track that helps determine a player's "primary group." This is a complement to the previously-introduced settrack command. It allows you to specify a default track (used for determining the "primary group" only). See Vault Support for more details.
  • Sort elements in data.yml (same ordering as dump).
  • Sort output of /permissions list command.
  • Intelligently determine default track for rank commands if issuing player only has permissions for a single track.

Vault Behavior Change

Since the zPermissions release cycle tends to be more frequent than Vault's (and also since I don't like bugging the Vault guys for every little minor change due to my own API is a bit too low-level :P), this release adds "native" handlers for Vault Permissions and Chat APIs.

The native handlers should, by default, behave identically to those included with Vault 1.2.25/1.2.26 with the following exception:

The Vault Chat API methods getPlayerPrefix() and getPlayerSuffix() will now fall back to using the player's "primary group's" prefix and suffix. If you previously modified your chat format to include the group prefix/suffix explicitly, you may now be getting double prefixes/suffixes. Simply change your chat format or, to disable this feature, set the vault-prefix-includes-group option to false.

Configuration of Database Outside of bukkit.yml

zPermissions now supports configuring the database outside of bukkit.yml. This may be desirable since the database specified in bukkit.yml is shared by all plugins.

To configure the database this way, add something like the following to zPermissions' config.yml:

  username: bukkit
  isolation: SERIALIZABLE
  driver: com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
  password: walrus
  url: jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/zPermissions

Note that this is exactly the same as the "database" section in bukkit.yml. However, substitution of the string "{NAME}" is not supported in this context.


Uploaded on
Jul 29, 2013
Game version
  • 1.6.2
  • CB 1.5.2-R1.0
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