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This is my first plugin but now i wrote a more simple, optimized, light, fast and easy plugin called World Portals. Give it a try, i am sure you will like it

Build portals to anywhere!

When distances becomes large and you have to walk a lot, Minecraft can turn sometimes boring.

New version 17, attention server admins

Thanks to the addition of new sea lanterns that looks good and are always lighted, there is no more need to try complicated lighted redstone lamps, this allowed to remove nms methods and version specific compilations... however to enjoy new "clean" portals you need to rebuild it... read "known caveats" section at v17 download page


MyPortals is a personal teleporting plugin that is intended to work similar to nether portals, in which you can build a portal like structure (configurable) and activate it with an item, then you can set a destination, privacy levels, and use it for fast travelling... if portal breaks it will deactivate.

portal structure shapes, materials, worlds that accepts portals, inter-worlds portals, and localization can be configured by the server admin.

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Attention with changes in file format since version 8

Version 8 brings updates in config files, if you are updating from below version 8 please read the "update" title.


(OUTDATED, in portuguese) thanks to AbsintoJPl... since a bit old you can see MyPortals in action, note you don't need enter to configure portal just look at base with crosshair and has an updated shape, read this page to update info


  • works most like nether portals
  • portal shape customizable by server admin, default looks like an altar a small nether portal (since v12)
  • easily selected by looking the central "base" block with your crosshair
  • activate portal by placing "charge" item on the base (default=fire, like nether portals)
  • deactivate portal by breaking structure (like nether portals)
  • player that activate is the owner, also you can "give" it later
  • commands to set portal name, destination, privacy and owner (give)
  • 4 privacy levels: public, locked, hidden and private
  • localization support, but currently only comes with english (any contribution? .. my english are not the best, i am chilean)
  • rebuild portal in same location and preserve links (i.e.: for portal reorientation)
  • java6 aware (new in version 4)
  • configurable experience points for teleport cost (new in version 5)

Basic usage

  • build the structure shape your server use, default shown in picture (no water!)
  • place the "charge" item (default: fire, with flint and steel) over the base, then your portal will activate (default look shown in picture)
  • look at portal base and name it with "/portal name myPortalName"
  • look at portal base and set destination with "/portal dest myPreviousPortal"
  • enter the portal and stand on the base for 4 seconds to teleport to its destination
  • exit the portal before 4 seconds to cancel teleporting
  • optionally look at base and set privacy levels, give your portal to someone, view/edit its properties or destroy

Portal examples

you can see some portal structure shape examples in "Images" tab.

Basic command reference

most commands have additional parameters, get more detailed help in game (alias "/p" since v17)

  • /portal : displays you the first help page, you can see the next with /portal 2, /portal 3, etc.
  • /portal list : displays a briefing of my own portals, or other player, or all
  • /portal info : displays detailed information about the portal base you are looking
  • /portal name portalName : gives the portal base you are looking the name of portalName
  • /portal dest destPortal: sets the destination portal, you can specify the owner separated with a colon (otherPlayer:hisPortal)
  • /portal (public, lock, hide, private) : sets the privacy level of your portal, see below
  • /portal give otherPlayer : gives the portal you are looking to online player otherPlayer, the portal must be public and yours
  • portal rebuild: console command that reads shape in config.yml and rebuild all worlds portals

Privacy settings

  • the owner of the portal : the owner can do anything he wish with his own portals, including get teleported and "give" it
  • public : if you find a public portal and you are not the owner you also can do almost anything with it, except use the "give" command
  • lock : same as above, you can use the portal except modify it with any command
  • hide : same as above except the portal won't be listed with "list" and "info" commands
  • private : same as above except the portal won't bring you teleported if you are not the owner, useful for placing on private places

Download latest version

you can download currently available releases on "Files" tab, but...

v12 is the most advanced and rich featured version until now, but sorry because it had a teleportation bug

i just uploaded version 14 compiled for cb 179, it brings same features from v12 but with fixed bugs and enhancements, READ FILE CHANGELOG.. please wait until it gets approved, then click on "Files" tab and see changelog in download page... but...

... but in the meanwhile you can download it directly HERE ... past versions brought updates in config files, so i strongly recommend to read THIS and THIS documentation.

you may want to be informed about updates by subscribing in "Subsciptions" tab.



to install just download MyPortals.jar file, place it on your plugins folder and execute a "reload" server command (or restart), the plugin will create plugin folder and default config files automatically.


different versions introduces different features and different config values, please read the last changelog at files page... to update, it depends on what version you have now, but the general process is...

  • stop the bukkit service to avoid file modification/lock issues
  • backup and delete (or move, or rename) your config files
  • download and overwrite MyPortals.jar file
  • start and stop so the plugin regenerate files
  • migrate your configs from the backups to new files, by editing your files manually
  • start the server
  • on portal shape changes do "portal rebuild" console command


i try to activate my portal but it doesn't

  • you are in a world where you can't activate portals, ask your admin
  • the portal structure shape you built doesn't match with needed, ask your admin
  • maybe some bug, tell me your Craftbukkit and MyPortals versions, config files and steps to reproduce

i enter on my portal, it plays the warp effect but nothing happens

  • you don't have enough xp points to get teleported, kill some mob and try again
  • the portal you are trying to teleport is private
  • the source portal don't have a destination yet, give some with "/portal dest myDestPortal"
  • some bug, send me your versions, config files and steps to reproduce

how do i deactivate a portal?

  • just break it, like nether portals

when i install and load the plugin i get exceptions on console with the message "unsupported minor major version"

  • update java to version 7+

when i list my portals it shows blank lines

  • you have unnamed portals, give them a name at once or you could lose it. Most commands need the portals had a name

Source code

i am trying to use eclipse with github, i am learning this, is very confusing .. anyway the source code is here ->

this (spanish), this and this page helped me a lot


If you like this plugin and have some Java/Bukkit knowledge, i would like you help me implementing this features

  • cancelling bucket water grabbing, maybe by finding a way to place "flowing water" or by cancelling bucket events
  • prompt portal name automatically when player activate a portal
  • customizable command/alias in config.yml
  • mouse hover destination tooltip
  • dynmap support
  • portal particles effect
  • some idea you like


this is my first plugin, i wished to learning java in a fun way, by writing a Bukkit plugin .. i inspired on TravelPortals, but with some changes in portal selection/teleport/privacy mechanics and a few additions .. if you want to migrate from TravelPortals you could read this page

as i am alone doing this plugin... the most easy, useful and fast way to help is to report me the bugs you encounter with a brief description and versions used.

another good way to help is to do translations and send it to me .. or if you have some suggestion please post your ideas here, all kind of help are welcome


  • jacklink01 and his awesome "LampControl" plugin that teach me how to turn on portals
  • cppchriscpp and his great "TravelPortals" plugin that woke me up the plugin development interest
  • anyone that contributes in some way with this plugin, or other plugins, or bukkit itself, after all we are a community :)

Made in Chile

Producto orgullosamente chileno

¡Viva Chile Mierda!

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  • Avatar of AT_HE AT_HE Oct 02, 2015 at 00:37 UTC - 0 likes


    is overall more optimized and easy.. take a look

    Last edited Oct 02, 2015 by AT_HE

    <<size 0px>>BFAK:90618214,3eab542c1eff754c4af5ce4a10c20b3a0c125f87a2c5b57bcbc47377527744a3<</size>>

  • Avatar of chinafriend chinafriend Aug 19, 2015 at 06:01 UTC - 0 likes

    What is the portal build permission?

  • Avatar of AT_HE AT_HE Jul 24, 2015 at 06:04 UTC - 0 likes

    @greasemonkey48: Go

    in short: NOW ALWAYS USE LAST VERSION (note; delete config,yml before)

    in long: since v17 it uses sea lanterns to lit portals, so version dependent 'self lit redstone lamps' code was dropped =)

    Last edited Jul 24, 2015 by AT_HE
  • Avatar of greasemonkey48 greasemonkey48 Jul 23, 2015 at 20:21 UTC - 0 likes

    Hello, I have been trying to use your plugin for about the last hour or so and I can't get it to work. I am use craftbukkit 1.7.10 and I used 1.7.9 version of your plugin because most of the time the plugin supports it anyways. It didnt work. it was saying "Could not pass event BlockPlaceEvent to MyPortals vx" I think this is an awesome plugin and I would love to use it on my server. If you could, sometime down the line, make a 1.7.10? I don't mean for you to go out of your way to make one, I know you have a life, so if you find the time please make one for me/us :)

    Thanks! -Bob

  • Avatar of AT_HE AT_HE Jul 16, 2015 at 19:03 UTC - 0 likes

    @JBuscus101: Go

    sure you can configure glowstone if you want.. is only a matter of preferences, i put sea lanterns as default because i think are nice

    you can read the abundant comments in config.yml and see the IMAGES page to get more ideas

    .... since time ago to get redstone lamps turned self lighted got difficult and version tied... i took it as a challenge because i liked the shape of the block, so i tried complicated techniques that didnt work well sometimes

    .... but now i also like the look of sea lanterns, and is brighter and more logic since it flows water above, so i dropped the code nedded for self lighted redstone lamps and gain compatibility and lower maintainance

    Last edited Jul 16, 2015 by AT_HE
  • Avatar of JBuscus101 JBuscus101 Jul 16, 2015 at 04:34 UTC - 0 likes

    Why not just use glowstone? also that might let it work with versions under 1.8 because sea lanterns where newly added, not that I need it for an older version, just an idea.

  • Avatar of AT_HE AT_HE May 31, 2015 at 18:43 UTC - 0 likes

    @sleite: Go

    hi... thanks for your interest and sharing your ideas .. nowdays you know since mojang has changed some redstone lamp mechanics, it had drawn some problems in this plugin ... now is very hard to make redlamps stay self lighted ... i hadnt yet discover a good solution, and to be honest plugin development is very time consuming sometimes interfering with our lives

    someone advise me to hook into actual portal system and mechanics and make tiny nether portals and intercept event when player is teleported to take to anoither place ... i liked the idea, that way i havent to worry about lamps or destroyning portals or nothing ... but again i need time

    i like your idea of make "keys" and portal being activated a few seconds, the ligher you used to activate the portal first time could become the key, and each activation serves to one travel .. i like your idea of took hearts instead xp, i recieved some complaints about this, also hearts are easier to recover and had more sense

    in some time i like to do a complete rewrite of this plugin but now i dont feel to have enough knowledge and time to do all cool things we want

    moreover i wrote some other useful plugins you maybe like to check out ;)

  • Avatar of sleite sleite May 31, 2015 at 17:20 UTC - 0 likes

    This looks interesting.

    I felt inspired, so I wanted to share some thoughts / ideas that you might want to work in to this plug-in to make it unique from all the other gazillion portal plug-ins out there!

    I like the idea of using a flint & steel to 'activate' the portal, but wouldn't it be cool if....

    a) after travelling through the portal, it automatically deactivates itself? Or what if it activated for a specified amount of time (so you could unlock/activate it for a friend, and they could follow you through). Say 5-10 seconds or something. After deactivation, you would need the key to reactivate it again.

    b) using enchantments and meta data, only a specific named item (key) works to activate it? (Flint & Steel could be the item/key, but meta data could be added to give it special name/properties).

    c) If a key is lost, then the portal must be destroy and rebuilt (eg. no replacement keys!)

    d) The number of keys to be created might be equal to the number in your inventory when the portal is first created. So if you have 10 flint & steel in your inventory at time of creation, they all become 'keys'. That way you can have spares, or give some to your friends, or even sell them in merchant shops.

    e) I like the idea of a portal draining you of energy (xp levels) or health (hearts) [configurable] when you go through it - the effect of traveling through time and space ... if a player is not a high enough level, or doesn't have enough hearts they may not survive the journey through the portal!

    Level requirements might be calculated based on:

    - the level of the person that created it by some formula, for instance, you might say that the base level is 20 (you need to be level 20 to enter). If a level 5 person creates the portal, there is a penalty of 20 - 5 = 15 ... levels, so for anyone to use that portal, they must be base level 20+15 = 35!

    On the other hand, if a level 35 person makes the portal, there is a bonus of 20 - 35 = -15 levels, so base level 20 - 15 = 5. That means any level 5 or greater person could use the portal!

    If a level 40 creates the portal, anyone can use it 20-20=0.

    The damage / energy cost of using the portal could be calculated similarly. The cost of using the portal might drain a person of 2 hearts, or 20 hearts which could be fatal!


  • Avatar of AT_HE AT_HE Apr 18, 2015 at 19:19 UTC - 0 likes

    sorry, i just found a problem with mc183 ... so i fixed

    ... if you have bukkit/spigot 1.8.3 please download MyPortals v16 .. bukkit for 1.8.3 brought some changes in world management that broke portal shapes in MyPortals from v12 to 15

    Last edited Apr 18, 2015 by AT_HE
  • Avatar of ChillerKraft ChillerKraft Apr 12, 2015 at 19:47 UTC - 0 likes

    @AT_HE: Go

    ok ty